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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on July 29, 2011

Where are the women with CEO jobs? [Chron]

Women on Boards: “The Economist” doesn’t get it [The CareeristT

“The Economist” article: The wrong way to promote women to the board room [The Economist]

26 lessons from a 26 year old female CEO [Forbes]

Women leaving the workforce: opting out or overlooking discrimination [Science Daily]

Women’s leadership in the workplace [Examiner]

Where are the articles asking “Can men have it all?” [Huffington Post]

More on the Chore Wars [New York Times]

Senate finds big companies getting contracts that should be set aside for  women, disabled and vets [Miami Herald]

Women owned small businesses faring better then male counterparts [CUInsight]

5 ways to get more women in venture capital [Business Insider]

What women entrepreneurs need to do when pitching investors? [BNET]

Is using pink as brand pushing women away from donating to breast cancer? Gender cues research [HBR]

4 programs to attract and retain diverse working women [Employee Engagement]

Men self promote and women don’t [Forbes]

A look at the state Women’s Commissions, what they have done and will do.  [Womenetics]

UK Study: The kids are alright when mom works [CBS News]

State pays $180,000 to settle working mom’s claim [Chicago Tribune]

Why maternity leave is important [Heathland Time]

Short maternity leave increases moms’ depression [Huffington Post]

Women suing Wal-Mart head back to court [MashGet]

Angst, anger and fear about potential Social Security cuts – adversely affecting women [Women’s e-News]

A women in Tech speaks out [Inc.]

Study: women’s tech usage expands [BroadcastingCable]

Check out the top 12 women in clean tech [Grist]

VA to appoint women’s task force [VetVoice]

Army creates first official Female Engagement teams for Afghanistan [Times Union]

Impact of women on GDP [Hello Ladies]

Kick women’s sports to prime time [Women’s e-News]

Review shows Title IX not significantly enforced [New York Times]

Group plans Title IX suit for high school sports [USA Today]


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