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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on August 5, 2011

UK survey finds little has changed for women in IT [ITBusinessEdge]

Forbes Workforce Diversity Report says more can be done to facilitate women in the workplace [Huffington Post]

Men get ahead by being disagreeable in the workplace; women don’t [PhysOrg.com]

Most HR directors are not concerned about gender equity [People Management]

Masculine norms: why women find it hard to reach the top [Wharton]

The chore wars: progress is stalling and why it matters [Huffington Post]

Debt ceiling bill called bad business for women [Women’s e-News]

Why debt negotiations matter to women [Forbes]

Startling graphic: global percentages of women in boardrooms, US is LOWEST in world at 20% [Grant Thornton]

More on those corporations with no women on their boards [Forbes]

Photo Gallery: 15 Women Who Broke Barriers [Washington Post]

With admin and office support occupations gone,  stressing employees, most often women, must pick up that extra work [Good Is]

Age-specific lifestyles and friendships among women a thing of the past – multi-generational commonalities are surfacing [Huffington Post]

Administration endorses women’s health no co-pay policy [Wall Street Journal]

New voter ID laws can hurt women [Prospect]

Military spouses face grim job prospects [NPR]

The helplessness behind military sexual trauma, when you fear your fellow soldier more than bombs [Portland Monthly]

A woman vets story: recovering from serving  her country [Huffington Post]

Judge says Milwaukee sick days’ ordinance is over [JSOnLine]

Paid sick leave initiative will appear on Fall ballot in Denver [Denver Post]

Study shows need for paid sick leave in Seattle [CrossCut]


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