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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on August 19, 2011

Successful Workplaces

President issues order to increase federal government hiring of women and minorities [Washington Post]

OPM issues memo on dealing with federal government pay gap [Washington Post]

For working mothers, big law remains a tough nut to crack [Wall Street Journal]

Being a nice guy or gal doesn’t pay [Wall Street Journal]

Empowered Workers

PEW study: women see more value and benefits in college education than men [PEW Social Trends]

Does our culture of individualism hurt working mothers and their careers? [The Glass Hammer]

Bloomberg pregnancy discrimination suit renews work-life debate [New York Times]

Career Networking benefits men not women [Business News Daily]

What working moms want [The Glass Hammer]

Globally women say they are very ambitious, most more than double US’s stat of 36% [HBR]

Women have come a long way but not far enough [Fresno Bee]

The Challenges of child care and impact on families [NPR]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Top 25 female athletes [Fem 2.0]

African American veteran combat pilot inspiring others [ABC Local]

Army’s single mom drill sergeants face challenges [Google News]

Adventure, equality draw women to Coast Guard [NPR]

Small Business

Why are women business owners hesitant to raise their debt ceiling? [Business Insider]


Boomer women get the retirement shaft [OC Register]]

Not all Social Security checks are created equal.  Women, money and retirement [Forbes]

Women and Non Traditional Careers

Summer camp introduces girls to manufacturing [New York Times]

Cokie and Steve Roberts: Girls needed to solve US scientist shortage [Billings Gazette]

When romance is brewing, women lose interest in STEM studies?!  [Inside Higher Ed]

Women Veterans

Time Magazine’s cover this week celebrates the New Greatest Generation: How Young War Veterans Are Defining Leadership at Home [Time]

Rise in homelessness for women vets tied to sexual abuse [Huffington Post]

Editorial: female veterans hidden among the homeless [Fayetteville Observer]

Women Veteran’s health research; a new frontier [Veterans Today]

New challenges face health care system treating women vets [Patch]

Odds and Ends

The constitutionality of equality for women (not!) [Marquette]

Advancing the lives of young women through mentoring [White House Blog]

Man will continue crusade against “ladies” nights [Las Vegas Sun]


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