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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on September 2, 2011

Successful Workplaces for Women, Families and Business

Finding work-work balance [Wall Street Journal]

More stay at home dads [Head Drama]

San Francisco may provide lessons as Denver ponders mandated sick leave [Denver Post]

Paid sick leave law in MA could save money [MAMedicalLaw.com]

Modern couples no longer married to traditional roles [Boston Herald]

Empowered Workforces

Fortune’s 10 tips for women wanting a successful career [Fortune]

On mentoring women in the financial services industry [Wall Street Journal]

MillerCoors goes “social”  and mentors to retain women [Computer World]

Looking for Equity

Steve Jobs leaves all male executive suite behind him [Forbes]

DOL speakers says workplace equality still a problem [Reporter Newspapers]

Tina Tchen’s WH blog on Women’s Equality Day [WhiteHouse.gov]

More women, more money: the effect of gender on angel investments [JustMeans]

When computer programming was women’s work: what happened? [Washington Post]

Women’s Equality Day, what the heck do I tell my daughter? [Huffington Post]

Male/Female post MBA wage gap [US News]

Number economics female majors correlates to number of female economic professors [Wall Street Journal]

Saluting Misbehavin’  Women

Want to be a power woman? Co-chair of Disney Media shares her secret [Forbes]

Meet Wall Street’s trillion dollar woman [Forbes]

Female foreign born Silicon Valley CEOs find common ground [MenloPark Patch]

Jane Harman’s advice for female leaders [Washington Post]

Powerful women talk about power [Forbes]

Military and Veterans

More female input this time in uniform review [www.military.com]

VA tells American Legion they are focusing on women veterans [MarketWatch]

Important Odds and Ends

The slow disappearance of the working man [BusinessWeek]

NY Times editorial on Kansas reproductive rights lawsuit [New York Times]

Surgeon General calls for health over hair [New York Times]

Women more likely to lose sleep over finances than men [Huffington Post]


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