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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on September 9, 2011

Successful Workplaces for Women, Families and Business

Surprising attitudes about how working mothers feel about their jobs [Forbes]

Survey finds men happier than women with their work-life balance [mediawebsite]

Chicago implements maternity leave policy; tightens vacation policy [Daily Journal]

The benefit of treating employees better [Moms Rising]

Empowered Workforce

Women helping women get back to school and improve their lives [The Union]

Jobs Needed

Women’s work is critical to job recovery [Women’s e News]

What’s good for women is good for the nation: jobs, livable wages, fair pay [Huffington Post]

Seeking Equity

What Carol Bartz, Sallie Krawcheck Gave Up on their way to the top [Wall Street Journal]

Women on Wall Street: small group gets smaller [Los Angeles Times]

Gender imbalance on Wall Street grows [New York Times]

Was sexism involved in Yahoo’s Carol Bartz’s firing? [Forbes]

Tech gender pay gap cut [Forbes]

Minding the gender gap [Washington Post]

Woman fights for equality in federal workplace [Greater Diversity]

The shocking contempt for rights for women:  Responses to last week’s LA Times Article “Beyond Suffrage” [Los Angeles Times]

Why it pays to invest with other women [Huffington Post]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Female fighter pilot remembers scramble on 9/11 [ABC Local]

Way to break the glass ceiling: From secretary to CEO: Beth Mooney of Keycorp [Forbes]

Female daredevil pilot and “fastest women on earth” dies at 85 [Washington Post]


The silent battle for military women; sexual assault [Philly On line]

Military Moms: How war affects families [NPR]

VA responding to needs for women veterans [Pittsburgh Tribune]

Order of the Purple Heart honoring military nurses at Women’s Memorial [MarketWatch]

Body armor isn’t made to fit female troops [Seattle Times]

Jobless rate still high among young women vets [Army Times]

Woman Marine writes book on combat experiences [San Diego Union]

Important Odds and Ends

Women, men and crying – get over it [Female Equality Matters]

London professor says women should use sex appeal to get ahead – this should get a discussion going [Business Insider]


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