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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on September 23, 2011

Successful Workplaces

Gender inequality holds back business growth [Bloomberg]

Non traditional family roles promote gender equality [NewsWise]

Paid sick days laws gather momentum [Forbes]

The real impact of babies on career success [Business Insider]

Penalized for balancing work and family? [Wall Street Journal]

The business case for gender equality in the workplace [Computer Weekly]

Working Mom announces best companies for 2011 [Working Moms]

Empowered Workforces

5 ways working moms can own the “juggle”[The Glass Hammer]

Tyson’s pays 2.25 million in back pay to almost 1700 qualified female applicants [NJ.com]

Women earned more doctoral degrees than women for second year in a row [MJPerry.Blogsot]

Women still not landing top jobs in corporate America [Fox Business]

Women strategize to find right work-life balance [Detroit Free Press]


Hard work was supposed to lead to equality.  It hasn’t [Forbes]

Facts on the gender gap from the World Bank [Wall Street Journal]

Secretary Clinton says women key to future economic growth and security. [Forbes]

Women worry about having little gold in their golden years [Senior Journal]

Military and Veterans

Women are the fastest growing group of homeless veterans [News5]

Slow road, 30 yrs long, but VA is building up women’s health services [DC Courier]

Small Business

Women entrepreneurs help ignite the economy [NJ.com]

Women business owners need retirement plans [MySanAntnio]

SBA adds vets, women to mentor/protégée program [Washington Technology]

Important Odds and Ends

America’s richest women – only 42 in 400 richest list [Forbes]

OK Governor Mary Fallin on governing, business and why women should run for office [Forbes]

Confusion among the world of women racers: women records only set when they run against each other? [New York Times]

Women quoted in new book about Obama say White House was not hostile [Washington Post]

Pre election polls underestimate the success of women candidates [NY Times]

British study says skirts over pants for success [Daily Mail]

Non-Traditional Careers

Catalyst publication: Checking the pulse of women in biosciences: what organizations need to know [Catalyst]

NSF grant to aid women faculty in STEM fields [NewsRoom]

Women still resist STEM careers [Guelph Mercury]


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