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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on September 30, 2011


Equality is good for business [Democrat and Chronicle]

The need for gender equality on TV [Think Progress]

Where have all of the female coaches gone? [Hattiesburg American]

Girls playing sports with boys [Times Union]

Saudi Monarch grants women right to vote (but can’t drive to the polls) [New York Times]

Successful Workplaces

Best cities for women in business [Forbes]

Women led start ups key to economic recovery [Fast Company]

Kathleen Parker:  What do women want in the workplace? More women [Press Herald]

Top women leaders: higher ambition creates equal, if not more value then men [Forbes]

Empowered Workforce

Jarrett-Tchen op ed: Helping women reach their economic potential [Washington Post]

Role of gender in workplace negotiations [Science Codex]

Women top men as social communicators [MediaPost]

Work-Life Balance

Report: Eldercare the new childcare? [WorkFamily]

White House and National Science Foundation announce new workplace flexibility policies.  Should help women in STEM [WorkFamily]


Executive women and eating disorders [Forbes]

Drinking coffee linked to less depression in women [New York Times]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Another American Legion elects its first female commander [NWI Times]

USS Patriot’s trailblazing female commander not looking back [Stripes]

Kagan establishes herself as power during first year on court [Washington Post]


VA hospitals continue reaching out to women vets and improving care [ABC Local]

Australian women to be allowed in frontline combat [IB Times]

Small Business

November 26 is Small Business Saturday [Entrepreneur]

Gen Y

Gen Y women and the recession [IB Times]

Other Important News

Federal definition of rape called too narrow [New York Times]

New report says single sex education is ineffective [New York Times]


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