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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on October 7, 2011

Empowered Workforces

10 most lucrative careers for women [onlined-degrees]

It’s all in the label: “Mompreneurs” – a marginalizing, cutesy term underestimating this population? [Forbes]

Successful Workplaces

Communications industry keeping up w/ diversity and gender goals – improved in two years [MarketWatch]

New report finds gender bias in tech field [VentureBeat]

For women on campus; access doesn’t equal success [Chronicle]

Gender pay gap decreases during economic downturn [New York Times]

Not surprisingly, women worse off than men post-recession [AdvisorOne]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Three women win Noble Peace Prize [New York Times]

First woman named as White House usher [Sun Times]

11 National Women’s Hall of Fame Inductees [WomensIssues]

She is crowned homecoming queen and kicked the winning point on the same night [New York Times]

Female engineer part of team hanging from and inspecting Washington Monument [Washington Post]

First woman justice, Sandra Day O’Connor, joined court 30 years ago [Currier-Journal]

Retired U.S. Army Maj. Margaret DeLillo-Storey being inducted into Ohio’s Veteran’s Hall of Fame [Canton Republic]

Army appoints first African-American woman to Two Star General [WFPL]

First female engagement team in Afghanistan makes positive impact [Black Anthem]

Our Bodies Ourselves turns 40 – remains relevant [Women’s e-News]

A tale of two countries: the Hyde Amendments turns 35 [American Progress]

Women in science: Universities don’t make the grade [Red Orbit]

Gen Y
For young women more important that work is fun rather than lucrative [Jobs.AOL]

Small Business
Women Entrepreneurs take more risk, not less, no Plan B = compelled to succeed [BNET]

Women owned small businesses court optimism, new hires [Forbes]

Developments in women’s small businesses [PRNewsWire]

Joining Forces Summit for Women Veterans to be held in Columbia, South Carolina [Midlands Biz]

Final regulations on federal employees taking leave when family members are deployed issued [Federal Times]

“You Served, You Deserve the Best Care Anywhere” – VA program for women vets [GovHealthIt]

Pink race car honors women veterans [Cincinnati.com]

National Business Women’s Week

Pt Lucie, FL issues NBWW proclamation [TCPalm.com]

Other important news

Women’s Museum in Dallas to close after 11 years and 1.5 million visitors [The Republic]

96 year old woman denied voter ID card in Tennessee [Gawker.com]


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