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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on October 14, 2011

Equity in the Workplace

Women ask for raises but often aren’t heard [CNN]

The secret to being a top woman – play team sports [Forbes]

Evidently the more make up the better to make it up the career ladder [New York Times]

Engagement ring- help or hindrance in the office? [Forbes]

The gender wage gap, history and a graphic [AOL]

Women win EEOC suit against American Laser Centers after three years [Fresno Bee]

Petition to ask DOL to use Compensation Data Collection tool for enforcing Equal Pay for women [ForceChange]

Workload negotiations most difficult conversation for working women [Finance.einnews]

No longer is leadership a men’s club [New York Times]

The legacy of the Thomas-Hill Supreme Court Hearings [Post Crescent]

For women parity is a subtly steep climb [New York Times]

The legal glass ceiling [New York Times]

Women and STEM

The 3 biggest myths about women in technology [VentureBeat]

Women in tech – we really do need more [Glamour]

Will the next Steve Jobs be a woman? [Reuters]

Small Business

Female start ups lack access to venture capital [CNBC]

Veterans & Military

VA does PSA on women veterans [MarketWatch]

VA campaign aims to educate public about what women’s roles in war [Fayetteville Observer]

Story of six Vietnam women veterans and their role playing in NY [VietnamVeteransplaza]

Other Important and Interesting News

Interesting take on NIMBY, women oppose bigger development, men and Tea Party vote the same [New York Times]

NY marathon 60% women, 44 years after women runner ran in all-male Boston Marathon [Syracuse.com]

Unique perspective: Decline of marriage meets decline of marriageable men = single women with few options [The Atlantic]

Watch out for Walmart moms “new” political demographic of 25-44 year old women with children who shop at Walmart [CRJ]

Wonder Woman gets a father, which misses the point and changes the message [Fempop]

A subdued party for women bankers [New York Times]


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