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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on October 21, 2011

Equity in the Workplace

What we can learn from today’s TV female bosses [Forbes]

Why is TV glamorizing the 60s (Mad Men, Pan AM) since it was such a bad time for women? [Smith Sophian}

A solution for a struggling global economy: Gender equality [Forbes]

Why its time for women to get on Boards of Directors [CNBC]

A female dominated workplace won’t fix everything [Harvard Business Review]

5 actions that can make a workplace female friendly [Cosmopolitan]

The effects of motherhood timing on career path [Work Family]

Women who ask do get ahead but men don’t have to [Forbes]

Empowered Workforce

4 ways women unintentionally stunt their careers. Women need more promotion less self-modesty [Harvard Business Review]

To change girl’s perceptions of business we need to reach and teach them early [BusinessWeek]

Feeling like a fraud pervasive feeling in women, inferiority complex may be self-fulfilling? [Forbes]

Focus on reaching critical mass enrollment of women in business schools, men say it’s because of lack of mentoring that women don’t enroll [New York Times]


One in 8 women gets breast cancer, but 1 in 4 will be victim of domestic abuse [WomensVoicesforChange]

Pap smears now recommended every three years instead of yearly [New York Times]

Study: Mammograms lead to many false-positive results [Time]


Women in science: the gender divide remains [Daily Princetonian]

Minnesota University has increased female enrollment in engineering programs, recruits women heavily [MN Daily]


The American Legion launches PSA campaign supporting women veterans [American Legion]

Bill to prevent sexual assault of veterans clears House [Women’s Policy]

Gen Y

Gen Y women are  “power users” of social media – brands need to add a “feminine touch” to reach them [SmalBizTechnology]

Mentoring young women in business [Newsday]

Other important and Interesting News

Need bi partisan effort to help families [Washington Post]


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