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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on November 4, 2011

Successful and Equitable Workplaces

Gender gap on wages slow to close [New York Times]

Study reports that women worldwide missing out on pay equity [Salt Lake Tribune]

Performance review numbers not backing up narrative, holding back women in law firms [American Law Daily]

Number of women Fortune 500 CEO’s at record high [USA Today]

Businesses find diversity training for employees helps bottom line [Business Journals]

Faculty diversity means gains for female law students [www.law.com]

Empowered Workforce

Why women need to break the rules to make it in business [Forbes]

Many professional women don’t have mentors [US News]

10 careers for women who want a life [www.more.com]

When women sacrifice for balance [Forbes]

Survey: More women choosing time over money [USA Today]

Are men expected to have work-life balance? [Forbes]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

The President’s top lawyers are all women [Washingtonian]

Hillary Rodham Clinton’s mother was quite a woman [New York Times]

Small Business

Persistent gender gap in small business remains [Crains Cleveland]


Car crashes pose greater risk for women [New York Times]

Ovarian Cancer rate slashed by birth control pill usage [ABC News]

How redefining “personhood” can hurt women’s rights and reproductive health [Washington Post]


After serving her country, women vet struggles to find a job [CNN]

Top women train for Special Forces [Washington Post Magazine]

GI plain Jane? Army considers banning ponytails and French manicures [Daily Mail]


Walmart moms could decide 2012 election [US News]

The White Knight is a woman? Elizabeth Warren and her road to earn election to Senate [Huffington Post]

For Democrats 2010 was not a great election year: Dem women vow to come back [The Daily Beast]


Women not as interested in technical areas, therefore don’t test as well?  [Science News]

Need mentors for the mentors in technology, too many women dropping out in their 30s-40s [CloudComputing]

Other Articles of Importance

The best cities for working women [Paper.Li]

British monarchy scraps male succession [New York Times]


One Response to “Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch”

  1. Patty Tanji said

    That is a hilarious video — and I must say — a little edgy!

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