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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on November 11, 2011

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

Opportunities for women diminishing at large law firms [Law]

Gloria Steinem: we are about 40 years into a 100 year fight, in 40 yrs, only a 17 cent pay gain [Popsugar]

Who is backing up Cain’s accusers? [CNN]

Looking at the issue of women on boards [GMAC]

Sexual harassment in 7th-12th grader: 56% of girls say they have been harassed [New York Times]

Empowered Workforces

Women 35-60 have less ambition, due to recession, technology demand? 73% wouldn’t take their boss’ job [CBS News]

Women who make it to the top need a supportive partner/husband and rarely get divorced at that level [NY Times]

5 reasons why young women need mentors[NetworkedBlogs]

Here is the GAO report on Gender Differences that has been covered in the media the last week or so [GAO]

Where are all of the female mentoring characters? [Jezebel]

Can women have it all? Define all [Huffington Post]

5 myths about working women [Forbes]

A step beyond mentoring women – sponsorship [The Globe and Mail]

International Women’s Forum calls for new type of leadership [Forbes]

Think like a woman and make more money [Forbes]

Workplace mentoring [Salon Today]


Addressing the shortage of women in the Silicon Valley [NPR]

Science leadership program wins grant to support women and minorities [The College Voice]

MentorNet matches mentors to protégés seeking STEM careers [MarketWatch]

The man who loves science also loves women [Huffington Post]

Where STEM women are: biology [New York Times]

Closing the girl gap in science [New York Times]

Saluting Misbehavin Women
Remember all of our women veterans today!

A look at the prominent women in the early days of aviation [NY Times]

Sandra Day O’Connor charted new course on the Court now does the same in retirement [Washington Post]

Michele Flournoy, highest ranking female civilian at DOD, is making her mark on foreign policy [Washington Post]

Play tells untold stories of Viet Nam women veterans [Joplin Globe]

Pioneering woman crunched numbers for IBM now has new book on women in technology [STLToday]


Women vital to the war effort [Reporter Herald]

Military needs emotionally intelligent leaders, women may be it [Washington Post]

VA adds staff to help women veterans [Navy Times]

Honor veterans including women [Picayune Times]

Women change the face of combat and VA care [San Diego.com]


Parenthood, Personhood and Consequences.  The initiative in MS was defeated on Tuesday. [ThinkProgress]

Look What Else Is In the News

The great pantyhose debate of 2012 [Forbes]

The price of a mom?  $138,095 [MSN]

Why do women own so little of the world’s property? [Huffington Post]


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