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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on November 18, 2011

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

In the workplace do single women have it worse? [Forbes]

Female comedians are breaking taste-taboo ceiling [New York Times]

Tough economy leading to more discrimination: EEOC seeing all-time high in complaints [Huffington Post]

Wording means everything: ask for a “salary adjustment” not a raise [EqualPayNegotiations]

Big changes afoot – women will rise to top based on pure numbers, what does that mean for work-life balance? [Huffington Post]

Sexual harassment still rampant, numbers haven’t decreased, women hurting women by shutting up and taking it? [Forbes]

Tap women for unfilled manufacturing jobs [Cleveland.com]

Empowered Workforces

20 great stats about women in business [Sparxoo]

More women creating jobs and businesses [Fox Houston]

Five things women need to know about business school [Forbes]

State universities partner with State Dept to mentor more women into public service/leadership [Columbia Spectator]

Study reveals need for more mentors for women in accounting and finance [MarketWatch]

5 essential leadership lessons for women [Wall Street Journal]

Women are worse than men at using their networks for their advantage [Economist]

If men have better business networks then women just aren’t trying – a discussion of the article above [Forbes]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Evelyn Lauder, founder of Pink Ribbon campaign dies [Daily Mail]

Retired Brigadier Gen Wilma Vaught tells stories of her days in the Air Force [VA YouTube]

Woman veteran, Cassaundra St. John, helping others move on [Huffington Post]

PGA HOPE and Renee Powell tailor program for women veterans [Waggleroom]

Martha Raddatz tells story of war though many voices [New York Times]

Gen Y

How to get a job if you are a twenty something woman [Forbes]

Why Millennial women are burning out at work by age 30 [Forbes]


Medical nuances beyond abortion drove vote against Mississippi personhood initiative [New York Times]

About half of moms get paid leave [Wall Street Journal]


Women becoming bigger asset when fighting in war [WHSV]

Women’s Resource Center hosted panel on sexism in the military [DailyIllini]

FLOTUS reaches out to military women in Hawaii.  [New York Times]

Military spouses share the pain [ABC]

What you can do to honor women veterans [Huffington Post]

Women’s military roles change and front line blurs [Newsok]

As American honors its veterans, we can do more for women homeless veterans [Huffington Post]

Other Important News to Know

Valerie Jarrett on Women’s Issues are America’s Issues [WhiteHouse Blog]

US births are down for third consecutive year [New York Times]

Men’s sports work worth more than women’s sports work? Univ of TN says no pay discrimination [Washington Post]

Would there have been a different out come at Penn State if the victims had been girls or the leadership women? [Washington Post]


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