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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on December 23, 2011

Equitable and Successful Workplaces

In keeping with the holiday spirit, did you know that Santa’s reindeer are female? [SantaLady]

Where are the women of color at the top of corporate America? [Harvard Business Review]

Where are the women on the Forbes’ list of 30 under 30? Tech is worst with only 2 [Forbes]

Labor Department’s Women’s Bureau launching new public education efforts including an Equal Pay Checklist [womensorganizations]

The Post Office is an employer that ensures women equal pay for equal work and has been a haven for veterans seeking a stable career path. [Delmarva Now]

Workplace sexual harassment allegations are not easy to prove and can be costly to defend. [KCENTV]

Women’s pay still lags behind men’s as gap slowly closes [PennLive]

Corporate barriers include the “old boy’s network” which view women as untested, unknown, and riskier [Archinect]

Better balanced and diverse leadership leads to more successful businesses – based on brain science [Huffington Post]

Equality at work for women: is this as good as it is going to get? [Forbes]

Empowered Workforce

Black males (and women of all races) fail to network and be mentored effectively. [Examiner]

Women senior executives prefer to wear black to work [Wall Street Journal]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Hillary Clinton’s next act: Making half the world’s leaders women [Blogher]

Meryl Streep battles for Women’s History Museum [Womensenews]

First female, African American mayor elected in Indiana has her work cut out for her in Gary [NPR]

Oldest woman veteran boosts efforts to help today’s vets find jobs.  [NBC]

The most loved power women of 2011 [Forbes]

Western Kentucky University woman elected first female head of national veteran student group [BF Daily News]

A missing chapter in Air Force history – the WASPS [The Moderate Voice]

Power women 2011: the winners and losers [Forbes]

A misbehavin’ woman – the penis mom [Huffington Post]


PEW study: Female veterans more likely than male counterparts to disapprove of Iraq and Afghanistan wars and are more likely to have seen combat that women in the past [Chicago Tribune]

Black women enlisting in the military at higher rates than whites or Hispanics [New York Times]

VA suffers growing pains as it serves women [Sun Journal]

Women veterans and under employment [AliceFisher]

Gen Y

Will Gen Y change the 8 hour day? [Time]

Small Business

Start up program for women in mobile tech in NY offers dollars and mentoring [Wall Street Journal]

Government program looks to serve women entrepreneurs [Entrepreneur]

Three reasons women start fewer businesses than men [Washington Post]

Developing countries have higher percentage of entrepreneurial women [Huffington Post]


Some things we can’t change about our risk for breast cancer, some things we can. What’s in our power to shift. [Forbes]

Other News of Interest

Feminism’s uneven success [New York Times]

FBI director approves more expansive definition of rape [National Partnership]


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