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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on December 30, 2011

Empowered Workforce

Instead of work young women are postponing work and careers for more education [New York Times]

Without sponsorship from senior leaders, women don’t have the exposure and experience needed to get ahead. Sponsorship doesn’t happen as naturally for women as it does for men.  [Women at the Top]

Why women lowball other women [Forbes]

Successful  and Equitable Workplaces

Women playwrights and gender stereotypes on Broadway [New York Times]

How to retain talented women at the top [Venture Beat]


How universities fail women inventors [Business Week]

Still Talking about Gender

Does stripping gender from toys really make sense? [New York Times]

Lego bets on the girls and misses the mark [Hello Ladies]

The truth about boys and girls: challenging toxic stereotypes [Columbia.edu]

Small Bushiness

A new book on fathers and daughters: passing on the family business and the problems that can crop up [Business Week]

The case for women entrepreneurs and leaders [Fox Business]

Self-employed men more likely to have employees than self-employed women [Forbes]

If moms can’t find it; they invent it. Women entrepreneurs [New York Times]


No links seen between HPV vaccine and girls sexual risks [New York Times]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

The Forbes 10 most interesting women of 2011 [Forbes]

Forbes woman of the year: Women in Tech [Forbes]

Ginger Miller helping other women veterans [Washington Post]

Woman’s Army Corp clippings are a prize for Women’s Memorial [ocala.com]

Starting in 1978, Grete Waitz showed the world women could run safely run 26.2 miles [New York Times]


Female vets talk joblessness and homelessness [CBS News]

Military academies report more sexual assaults [Washington Post]

VA issues new regulations on care of newborns of women veterans [Third Estate]

Bio-feedback program helps women veterans [SB Sun]

Female veteran looks back at Christmas in Fallujah [Mesquite Citizen]


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