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January is National Mentoring Month

Posted by egehl on January 4, 2012

January marks National Mentoring Month in honor of all of the wonderful mentors out there working to help others reach their life goals. All of us need mentors at varying stages of life. Mentors help children to succeed in school, support colleagues with figuring out their career paths, or provide invaluable wisdom and guidance when a friend is faced with a hard decision. Mentors can play many different roles and typically they are someone that has your best interests at heart, and can provide feedback and support that you trust and value.

I am lucky to have found mentors throughout my life who have helped to guide me through a number of important decisions. In this tough job market when networking and building relationships is key to securing a new position, having a mentor can be instrumental in guiding you through that process. Mentors are also extremely helpful when you are still deciding on what type of work to pursue and how to reach your professional goals.

In my experience, mentors have been some of my best fans supporting me in every endeavor I undertake. They know my professional ethic, work product and overall value firsthand and have a clear sense of how to convey it to others. Mentors are the people I go to for recommendations, advice on a job search, or when I am seeking to connect to new people and information. They are my friends, colleagues and confidants.

BPW Foundation has launched a new mentoring program specifically geared toward women veterans. BPW Foundation believes that women veterans especially need mentoring assistance as they make what can be a challenging transition back into the civilian workforce. The BPW Foundation Inaugural Joining Forces for Women Veterans National Summit in October, 2010, identified an ongoing need for women veterans and military spouses to find informed, trusted outlets to assess their goals and navigate their way to successful careers –careers that provide economic stability for themselves and their families.

Therefore to meet the needs of these women, BPW Foundation has launched the “Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentoring Plus” program. Through this effort, BPW Foundation will develop the tools, outreach, and capacity to support a long term goal of engaging 100,000 women mentors to connect with women veterans and military spouses. By the end of 2012, 10,000 of the total number will be recruited in collaboration with their launch partner, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The BPW Foundation is honored to have received recognition from The Office of the First Lady and the Joining Forces effort, which has highlighted the “mentorship gap” in their selection of BPW Foundation as the point organization for a large-scale mentoring initiative to benefit women veterans and military spouses.

This month think about becoming a mentor or perhaps strengthen the relationship you already have with your mentor. It’s important to maintain your ties with your mentor and keep them up-to-date regarding your professional endeavors so they know how to help you.  And finally, consider becoming a mentor to a woman veteran by getting involved with BPW Foundation’s mentoring program. For more information please visit the website.


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