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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on January 20, 2012

January is National Mentoring Month – Sign Up to Mentor a Women Veteran or Military Spouse

Successful, Equitable Workplaces –

More young women are covering campaigns [Politico]

Does it pay to be one of the guys at work? [Forbes]

38 years after passage of legislation designed to enforce workplace equality, the Equal Pay Act is often violated [KStateCollegian]

Empowered Work Force

How the gift of mentoring changed two lives [Naples News]

A mentor can help you reach your goals at any stage of your career or life [Chicago Tribune]

Chart showing women’s earnings as a percentage of men’s in 2010 [HR Compliance]

Wal-Mart Women file expanded Texas Class Action [MarketWatch]

Walmart seeks to halt refiled gender discrimination law suits [Insurance Journal]

Rutgers study finds that paid family leave leads to positive economic outcomes [National Partnership]


New recommendations for older women and bone tests [New York Times]

VA says women veterans getting screened for cervical cancer [DODLive]

Women’s groups file Supreme Court brief supporting Health Care Reform Law [National Partnership]

Small Business

Women have to shine to attract investments in their businesses [Women2]

California, Texas and New York have the most women owned businesses [Gisuer]

Are women more careful entrepreneurs than men? [Forbes]

Do men and women bring different skills to entrepreneurship? [FastCoExist]

Three in four women small business owners see more tough times in 2012 [Insurance News]


Encouraging biotechnology workplace diversity [BioTech Now]

Gonzaga University awarded grant aimed at bringing more women into STEM careers [Spokesman]

Gen Y

Millennial Women are burning out at 30 and starting their own businesses [Forbes]

Other Interesting Items

Professional women rate 6 biggest mistakes businesses make when marketing to women [SFGate]

Men and women are still both from earth despite study showing “brain” differences [Huffington Post]

Commission on Status of Women to get budget ax in CA [SFGate]

A furor over gender marketing for Lego toys [Huffington Post]

Dr Pepper’s bizarre “not for women” ad campaign [Forbes]

NY area female retail workers experience low pay, little health insurance, scheduling instability and an abuse of part-time job status. [Women’s eNews]


Political Parity’s drive to help women win office [The Daily Beast]

15 women GQ could have named to its most powerful in Washington list [Think Progress]

Why women still won’t run for office [Elect Women]


Film, “The Invisible War” takes on rape in the military [Huffington Post]

Jill Biden writes children’s book about military family’s struggles [Huffington Post]

The Battlefield and the Barracks: Two War Fronts for Women Soldiers.  Why Do Soldiers Rape? Part 1 of a 5 part series [Truth-Out]

Female vets struggle to find work [WWLP]

Cengage and BPW Foundation partner to support women veterans with career transitions [InfoTechSpotlight]

PTSD—an equal opportunity disorder—rates are same among male and female vets of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, with about 18 percent of both groups [KQED]

About one in five women and one in one hundred men reported that they’ve experienced military sexual trauma [MotherSatWar]

The double trauma of war and sexual assault by “brothers-in-arms” in the military leaves women feeling unsafe [Truth.Out]

The first VA patient to receive all of her prenatal care from the VA [SL Tribune]

Panetta announces new measures to combat sexual assault [Stripes]


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