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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on February 3, 2012

Today is Wear Red Day for Women’s Hearts

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

The next big fight for equality in the ranks will likely come from women in uniform [New York Times]

Feminist movements have been fighting for equality between the sexes for over a century; asking for equal rights, equal pay, and equal perceptions [Georgetown Voice]

Remarks by the First Lady at Joining Forces Event on Family Medical Leave Act [NewsRoom America]

Seeking novel ways to eliminate the gender pay gap,  Department of Labor announced contest for creating software applications to promote equal pay [MMD NewsWire]

Three years after the Ledbetter bill passed women still earn less than men [Think Progress]

Women still minority in Davos [Bloomberg]

Pregnant and pushed out of a job – yes it can still happen [New York Times]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

As Sue Cischke retires, Motor City loses on of its few women executives [Forbes]

The power women of Davos [Forbes]

Girl Scouts celebrating a century, it’s about more than the cookies [New York Times]

Navy remembers fleets first female handler [Military.com]

Female ROTC Cadet excels at OSU [ocolly]


At 51 percent of the population, and 55 percent of voters, women should require candidates to rethink their pitch to women [The Hill]

Small Business

Survey reveals what keeps women business owners up at night [MarketWatch]

Why the global economy needs businesses to invest in women [The Daily Beast]

How women are mistreated by the venture capital world [Inc]


Caffeine alters estrogen levels in younger women [New York Times]

Editorial: Birth Control and Reproductive Rights [New York Times]

VA publishes regulations on newborn care [BusinessWire]

Gen Y

The challenges facing Gen Y women [Forbes]

Next generation of women leaders will emerge faster when we stop trying to act like men [Forbes]


BPW/Columbia, SC holds women veterans summit [Midlands Connect]

Female vet and former Black Hawk pilot has problems with transition [New York Daily News]

Challenges contributing to homelessness may be more pronounced for women veterans suffering from “disabling psychological conditions” [USGovInfo]

Homeless women veterans on the rise [Time]


Canadian researchers determine mentoring helps women who have suffered abuse [Pych Central]

Michelle Obama talks about being a mentor [White House Blog]

Other Important News

Fierce outcry on Komen decision of defund Planned Parenthood [New York Times]

Editorial takes issue with Komen Foundation decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood [New York Times]

Women’s Professional Soccer League has cancelled their 2012 season [Huffington Post]

Why are women better at buying cars? [NPR]

New Facebook App connects women [AllFacebook]

Don’t fall for untrue smears against Girl Scouts [Washington Post]

Voice over trailer work scarce for women.  Men’s voices more “credible” [New York Times]

Can feminists like fashion? [Forbes]


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