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Support Working Women During February

Posted by YWM on February 14, 2012

Valentine’s Day is only one of this month’s highlights—since 1956, women across the country have celebrated Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation Month during February. Please join in this year’s celebration by supporting the broad-reaching projects and programs of Business and Professional Women’s Foundation.  We hope you will make a contribution this year to assist us as we continue to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to advocate on behalf of working women, women veterans, and their families.
During the past year, BPW Foundation has been actively engaged on the front lines of “hot button issues” that impact the lives of ALL working women, including:
  • BPW Foundation’s report of findings and agreements reached during our October 2010 Joining Forces for Women Veterans Summit has been widely used by government, public, and private sector organizations to support women veterans’ reintegration in the civilian workforce.
  • BPW Foundation’s partnership with Ed2Go and Military to Medicine created new scholarship opportunities for women veterans.
  • BPW Foundation CEO Deborah Frett participated in the White House announcement and launch of Joining Forces for Military Families. Our Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentoring Plus® program is a focal grassroots component of this national initiative.
  • BPW Foundation released two research-based reports for use by employers and businesses: Gen Y Women in the Workplace and Gen Y Women To Employers: What They Want in the Workplace and Why It Matters for Business.
  • BPW Foundation conducted research on broadband usage and habits among subsets of women in the workplace and released a report quantifying the impact and implications of high speed internet on their employment and career choices.
  • Career Advancement Scholarships were renewed with BPW Legacy Partners handling the application and selection process.
  • Thanks to you, our supporters, BPW Foundation garnered the most votes in the Alliant Credit Union Foundation “People Voting to Give Back on Facebook” campaign and received $14,000 to support our programs for women veterans.
  • BPW Foundation joined with other leading women’s organizations to inform and educate women about key issues in the upcoming fall election through participation in “HERvotes Blog Carnivals .” Topics have included violence against women, jobs and employment, extension of unemployment insurance benefits, sexual harassment in the workplace, and women’s perspective on the Affordable Health Care Act.
  • BPW Foundation signed letters to Congress in support of legislation including the Family Fairness Act; Healthy Families Act; and the Heart Disease Education, Analysis, Research, and Treatment (HEART) for Women Act.
  • BPW Foundation signed on in support of the Riker vs. Quinnipiac University Amicus Brief to ensure enforcement of Title IX, and commented to the U.S. Department of Labor on Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regulations.
  • BPW Foundation’s Joining Forces for Women Veterans and Military Spouses Mentoring Plus® was launched in January, 2012 and is connecting volunteer working women mentors with women veteran and military spouse mentees to enable their successful reintegration in the civilian workplace.

We made major strides during the last year, and your efforts on our behalf—reaching out to your personal and professional networks, making phone calls, writing emails, and ensuring your voice was heard by your elected representatives—were essential to this success. BPW Foundation thanks you, our supporters, for all of your work.

As we continue advocating for successful workplaces for all working women, including women veterans, we need your support during 2012! Please help us by making a donation today, either online at Business and Professional Women’s Foundation , or by sending a check to BPW Foundation, c/o Wells Fargo, P.O. Box 759189, Baltimore, MD 21275-9189.

Show Your Support for BPW Foundation Now!

Without your involvement, BPW Foundation could not play such a vital role in creating successful American workplaces. Please help us continue improving the lives of working women and their families by making a generous donation today.

Thank you very much!

Here is a link to BPW Foundation’s Fifty Fabulous Facts.  Please share with your friends.


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