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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on February 17, 2012

Successful, Diverse Workplaces

Why working moms make us mad, and why not dads? [Forbes]

Federal court rules that firing a woman for wanting to pump at work is not discrimination [National Partnership]

Women in government report more jobs satisfaction them men [Government Executive]

Women may earn less but they find their work more meaningful [New York Times]

Is occupational segregation the root of the gender and race wage gap? [OU Daily]

Santorum faces questions on women in the workforce [New York Times]

Glass Ceiling shows cracks yet endures [West Fair Online]

Can an app really change pay equity? [Slate]

Sex discrimination lawsuit filed against Wal-Mart in TX [The 33 TV]

Empowered Workforce

College majors that put women on an equal footing with women [New York Times]

Business schools don’t prepare women for leadership roles in the workplace [Forbes]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

First women president of MIT , Susan Hockfield, resigns [New York Times]

CloudNOW selects top 10 women in cloud computing for first annual awards [Sacramento Bee]

Top Boston women in Tech [Boston Globe]

Violence Against Women

Vietnam Veterans of American enraged about Fox commentator’s comments on sexual assault [Sacramento Bee]

Violence Against Women Act becomes partisan issue [Huffington Post]

New V-Day effort, “One Billion Rising,” aims to mobilize 1 billion globally against violence [Washington Post]


Soldiers don fake bellies and breast to better understand how pregnant soldiers feel [Stripes]

Administration urges states to help military spouses by easing burden of license portability [Government Executive]

Women in combat?  We have the technology [Forbes]

Female veterans face steep climb back to employment when they return from war [Star Telegram]

The untold story of female veterans [You Are Strong]

The VA budget includes $403 million for the gender-specific health care needs of women Veterans, improving their access to services and treatment facilities [Veterans for Common Sense]

VA sees spike in veteran homeless families [The Day]

Soldiers, veterans welcome changing role of women in the military [Tulsa World]


Santorum supporter, “aspirin between the knees cost effective birth control.”  Andrea Mitchell was speechless [Forbes]

Women need to know heart attack symptoms [Women’s Health]

400 shades of lipstick found to contain lead, FDA says [Washington Post]

Gen Y

Young women are more stressed out than anyone else [Business Insider]

Small Business

How women are hurting their fellow female entrepreneur [Forbes]

Other News of Importance

Marriage suits educated women [New York Times]

“Women Hold Up Half the Sky” asserts that the central moral challenge of the 21st century is the full emancipation of the world’s women [Huffington Post]


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