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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on February 24, 2012

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

Pregnancy discrimination remains wide spread [National Partnership]

Crossing gender lines: Why should women mentor men? [Glass Hammer]

Media’s gender gap: where are the girls? [Time]

The wage gap between moms and other working women [NPR]

How can it be that women, despite accounting for half the workforce, hold only 17% of the top corporate jobs? [North Jersey.com]

Bat Girl in an interesting public service announcement from 1966, promoting equal pay for women [Secret-oranges]

Why a company’s next board  member should be a woman [Tech Crunch]

Colbert takes family leave; many workers cannot [Forbes]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

69th Anniversary of women in the Marine Corp is celebrated [Camp Lejune Globe]

51 year old female Sgt. completes basis training [Examiner]

The Girl Scouts celebrate a century of service and camping [The Daily Herald]

Looking at women who use their gifts to help others during Black History Month [Morris Town Green]

A conversation with Vernice Armour, the first African American woman Marine Corp pilot [Chicago Tribune]

Indiana woman uses painting business to mentor women [NWI Times]

Women key part of Cherry Point Marine Corps history [HaveNews]


Focus on social issues could shape political battle for women [New York Times]

Veteran Tammy Duckworth runs for office and has some words for Rick Santorum [Prospect]

Gail Collins and David Brooks on the decision that this election should be about sex [New York Times]

Republican female congressional hopeful and first female pilot to fly in combat disagrees with Santorum’s on women in the military [The Hill]

Will the Congressional glass ceiling shatter in Iowa and North Dakota this fall? [UMN ED]


42% of women don’t experience pain before a heart attack [New York Times]

Why health activism is central to women’s rights [Women’s eNews]


Brains are beautiful, geek is chic and smart is sexy–changing the way women are perceived in the world of science, technology, engineering and math [Bostinno]

Shrinking numbers, growing need for women in technology jobs [Des Moines Register]

American’s next top engineers: She needs your role models [HBR]

More programs needed that target minorities and women for STEM [Washington Post]

Gen Y

For women under 30 most births occur outside of marriage [New York Times]

Young mothers explain marriages fading allure [New York Times]

Violence Against Women

Women’s eNews takes on Liz Trotta and her rape in the military comments [Women’s eNews]


Veterans recognized at WVA state house.  Women say they face different challenges from male counter parts [Metro News]

Congressional budget cuts could slash job opportunities for women vets and victims of violence [Huffington Post]

Women and the Wounds of War on DOD’s Recon channel [DOD Live]

Women veterans getting lost in homeless count [Examiner]

Duel military couple balance family and Army [WWNYTV]

Justice Department backs equal benefits for military gay couples [New York Times]

Sen Patty Murray on future veteran workforce [Washington Post]

Others News of Note

Two more articles about the right’s attack on the Girl Scouts  [Forbes] [Washington Post]

Top brands divided along gender lines survey finds; only agree on Southwest, Google and Dove [Business News Daily]

Better outlook for women baby boomers retirement: but there are still problems [Seattle PI]


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