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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on March 2, 2012

March is Women’s History Month

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

After earlier rapid advances, feminism’s cultural agenda seems to have stalled [Harvard.edu]

Message to women: Demand equal pay to receive equal pay [Standard]

Equal Pay Enforcement Act on verge of being vetoed by Wisconsin governor [Huffington Post]

Miss Representation, a documentary, explores how the media’s misrepresentation of women has led to the under-representation of women in positions of power and influence [Star Phoenix]

How the “Woman Effect” shapes the world economy [InPowerWomen]

Empowered Workforce

Why women need sponsors not mentors [Forbes]

Three benefits of a  mentor and how to get one [SimpleMom]


Number of women patent holders surges [Huffington Post]

CompTIA, non-profit trade association for the information technology (IT) industry, announced new member community aimed at expanding IT career opportunities for women. [Bradenton]

Women are an often overlooked workforce in the field of clean energy [Austin Econ Network]

Though the tech sector prides itself on disregard of the status quo,  it that appears the glass ceiling is as strong as ever [Huffington Post]

How to get more women hired for technical jobs [IT Jobs.fin]

Study takes mystery out of hiring Tech women [Women’s eNews]

Mothers talk to their daughters less about math [Parenting]


Why we need more women in political office [Huffington Post]

Quest for women’s push back vote starts with HERvotes press conference [Women’s e-News]

Olympia Snowe will not seek re-election  [Elect Women]

Obama’s support among women rises [Huffington Post]

Saluting Misbehaving Women

Woman colonel works for military women and women veteran’s health [Bellingham Herald]

Tuskegee nurse was first African American in nurse army corps [AF.Mil]

Military sexual trauma survivor reaches out and helps others [KDHNews]

First female African American major genera, Marcia Anderson, breaks down barriers [The Sentinel]


The unfinished fight over contraception [New York Times]

Will there ever be a consensus on the mammogram debate [Forbes]

When women quit hormone therapy, their rates of new breast cancers decline [Science Daily]

How the Blunt Amendment will take away critical health care coverage for millions of Americans [NWLC]

Blunt Amendment Tabled in Senate [Politico]


Women veteran found it hard to find a jobs program for which she qualified [The News Tribune]

White House to honor diverse group of Iraq War veterans [Detroit.com]

Female veterans speak about Iraq war and its influence on women’s roles in the military [The Villages Daily Sun]

Other Items of Note

Women want to see other women fail and other myths set straight [Business Insider]

President Obama to lead by example in the US, by harnessing the talent of women and girls [White House]

Some women feel naked without make up [UPI]

5 myths about women as consumers [Fiscal Times]

The redomestication of American women [Forbes]

UC Davis to pay women $1.35 million in title IX case [Feminist]



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