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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on March 9, 2012

March is Women’s History Month

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

Researchers at the Universities of Michigan and Virginia which found that access to contraception has helped close the gender pay gap [Think Progress]

Women, especially African Americans, still battling for workplace equity [OurWeekly]

Over half (53%) of women believe that they will never be equal to men in terms of pay [The Grapevine]

Workplace sponsorships and why women need them now.  Moving beyond mentoring [Comstock]

EU considers quotas for women on boards [New York Times]

The worst paying cities for women [247 Wall Street]

Empowered Workforces

Secretary of State Clinton announces Innovation Award for Empowerment of Women and Girls [State Department]

Are women’s high standards keeping them from happiness? [Forbes]

The majority of Latino women and men agree on a woman’s right to have easy access to contraception and to equality between the sexes [MarioWire]

Are women enemies of our own free time? [Parenting]

Unleashing women’s economic power here at home and worldwide [American Progress]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Girl Scouts, charting 100 years of change in girlhood.  Not all about cookies [Washington Post]

Army Lieutenant Jessica Scott was the accidental leader of a successful twitter campaign against Rush Limbaugh {BuzzFeed]

The Sea Service Leadership Association hosted the largest gathering of military women.  BG Wilma Vaught was honored with a lifetime achievement award. [Washington Post]

Meet the Army military spouse of the year [The Times News]

Bianca Strzalkowski, Marine Corps and 2011 Military Spouse of the Year greeted Mrs. Obama [Examiner]

WWII female veteran receives rare honor for her gender: Legion of Honor medal [Sun Sentinel]


What causes the gender gap in fields such as engineering and science? [Coumbian Missourian]

Female focused business accelerator announces its first participants [TechCrunch]

Gen Y

Beyond ‘Slut’ And Shopaholic: what being a Gen Y woman Is really all about [Forbes]


HERvotes warns politicians not to erode women’s gains [Google]

Sounds crazy with what’s been in the news lately but could this be the year of the woman? [WomenseNews]


Contraceptive coverage opponents turning to courts to overturn rules [National Partnership]

Small Business

Tips and information roundup for women entrepreneurs and small business owners for International Women’s Day [BusinessInsider]

Some 10.1 million firms are owned or co-owned by women, 40 percent of all businesses in the U.S. [Open Forum]

WOBS bipartisan contracting bill will improve small business program for women [WIPP]

Why franchising is catching on with women [Business News Daily]

Women and risky business: do they go together? [InPowerWomen]

Women and minority contractors working harder to get Government contracts but is paying off [Sun Herald]

Violence Against Women

NY Times editorial on sexual violence in the military [New York Times]

Congresswoman says military must change how it deals with rape  [Stripes]

Sexual assault lawsuit filed against military [ABC News]


VA budget includes money for women’s health care [LawFirmNewsWire]

Dr. Celia Szelwach researches transitional workforce challenges for rural women veterans [Atlas Research]

During Women’s History Month, take some time to honor the contributions of women in the military [Mesothelimoma]

Female military veterans called for Rush Limbaugh’s show to be pulled from the American Forces Network [Huffington Post]

Women veteran “victims” as viewed by the media [ServiceWomen]

Military spouses’ support group to welcome same sex partners [OutServeMag]


Women college sports beat pro sports in attention [WomenseNews]

Other News of Note

Pinterest’s grow due to women’s use [SFGate]

Maureen Dowd: Do you have no shame Rush? [New York Times]

I am not babysitting says a stay-at-home dad [Rolereboot]

10 reasons why feminism helps men and boys [Huffington Post]


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