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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on March 23, 2012

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

Why his merit raise is higher than hers [HBR]

Here’s to the next Lilly Ledbetter, article on the need for pay equity so we can don’t need cases like this. [NJ Today]

The job-loss gap associated with marital status turns out to be as large as the more widely recognized than gender job loss gap [New York Times]

As you move up the corporate ladder, the percentage of women drops off with every step up [Forbes]

Those who dismiss women’s desire for equality as if it were a hobby or a pet project fundamentally dismiss women as people [Huffington Post]

Want to earn more than your male colleague on Wall Street? Set up a shoe-shine stand [The Grindstone]

An overview of women in the workforce [The Epoch Times]

Women in combat roles; a small step towards equality [Eurasia Review]

Are women better leaders than men? [HBR]

New poll: Americans see progress in closing gender gap. Women and men making work-life balance trade offs. [Market Watch]

A Key to US competitiveness: work-life balance [HBR]

Small Business

Number of women owned business crossing $1 million threshold is growing [Wall Street Journal]

More on the use of Mompreneur debate [New York Times]

Why female tech entrepreneurs have an edge [Inc]

Saluting Misbehaivn’ Women

Elle Magazine recognizes 10 women political power houses [Huffington Post]

Sen. Mikulski honored as longest serving woman in Congress [Baltimore Sun]

Reception for California’s oldest living female veteran [CBS]

Female Marines seek to find a balance: fitting in and setting an example [Stripes]


“Final Salute” is providing necessary services to homeless women veterans [Military.com]

Returning women veterans face challenges in system designed for men [PRI]

Military spouse employment partnership: a new alternative [LAJES.AF.Mil

Women veterans face high hurtles [The World]

Military spouses play an important role [AF.Mil]


Four women vets are running for Congress [Time]

Tammy Duckworth wins her Democratic primary in Illinois [EnewsSPF]


Women earned about 34 percent of community college STEM degrees in 1997, but by 2007 that had declined to about 28%. [PolicyShop]

Recent research shows that more women are needed in the green sector, particularly for technician and scientific roles [Greener Idea]


Breast cancer toll among black women fed in part by fear, silence [Washington Post]

Annual Gynecological appointment called into question [New York Times]

Military spouses need to be included in PTSD treatment [Huffington Post]

Gender gap in cost of health care still exists.  Women pay more [New York Times]

HERvotes examines women and the Affordable Healthcare Act [HERvotes]

Gen Y

Survey of Gen Y working women found that they hve the most positive outlook for women in the workplace and yet they feel underpaid and find their careers take a bigger hit than their male counterparts’ once they become parents. [Salon]

Other News of Note

Do women like caring for children more than men? [New York Times]

40 years since the ERA was sent to the states for ratification [New York Times]

A group of Democratic senators will announce a new effort to get the Equal Rights Amendment into the constitution [PJ Media]


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