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B P What?

Posted by YWM on April 26, 2012

Our guest blogger is Sarah Zink

In early 2000, I was introduced to Business and Professional Women (BPW) by a friend of mine. Sue Wallace was one of those women who never said the word, “No”, and who never heard the word when it was said. She believed in the power of the “Just Do It” theory.

Sue was passionate about BPW, and talked about it – a lot. I didn’t quite get what she was talking about. I know that I had her repeat the acronym several times, before finally blurting out, “B P WHAT?”  Sue laughed, and then patiently explained to me what BPW was and how it had impacted her life in such a positive way. She invited me to attend a BPW/Metro, TX meeting, and after that, I was hooked. And by ‘hooked’, I mean that the wonderful women of BPW/Metro had hooked me and laughing.

Over time, I became hooked on BPW/Metro all by myself – I enjoyed the camaraderie that we shared; I enjoyed learning about women’s history and the suffrage movement; I particularly enjoyed being around such ‘Power Chicks” as Sue Wallace, Jerrie Schubert, Melinda Johnston, Beth Johnson, and the late Shari Macioch. These women impacted my life by their very being.  Each of them was different, and each of them had characteristics that I wanted for myself. So I stayed with BPW/Metro, learning and growing and being mentored by actions, words, and ‘tough love’.

In the course of the next year, Sue asked me to join the next Individual Development Program* class, and although I said, “No”, I found myself attending. The day that she announced we were going to culminate our training with a speak-off, and we needed to have a 5-minute speech ready, a light bulb went off in my head. I knew, at that moment, what I was going to speak about. “Fearless Living” was my topic, and it carried me all the way to win the National Individual Development Award that year.

BUT – It did so much more than that. It lit in my heart and mind a desire to share with others what I had learned through BPW, and through my association with powerful, successful, loving women. In 2006, I started my first company, Sarah Zink Business Training, which has taken me across the country to speak to thousands of people. In 2007, I had my first radio show and published my first book.  In March of this year, I published my second book, “20 Tips for Power Chicks and started by second radio show, “THINK ZINK – Change Your Choices, Change Your Life”

These things would not have been possible without BPW. The nurturing of strong women helped me become strong. The influence of wise women made me become wiser. The compassion of loving hearts taught me to support, not compete, with other women. I am more whole for having been in BPW.  While BPW might stand for Business and Professional Women, for me – it stands for Becoming Powerful Women.

*The Individual Development Program (IDP), a BPW Foundation Signature, program helps women develop leadership skills while introducing them to BPW’s mission, goals, programs, and issues.   IDP is one way that BPW Legacy Partners help working women, both members and nonmembers, acquire the skills they need to be active and successful participants at work and in their communities, and to be able to speak effectively on issues that concern them.

You can get a copy of Sarah’s book, “20 Tips for Power Chicks” on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  Listen to “THINK ZINK: Change Your Choices, Change Your Life” on blogtalkradio.com/sarahzink


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