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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on April 27, 2012

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

High paying careers are high on women’s list of life goals – New Pew Study [Wall Street Journal]

How women mess up when asking for a raise [SimplyHired]

Women speak out about the “Bitch in the Board Room” stereotype [Fast Company]

Why a woman’s agenda means more than her gender [Huffington Post]

Equal Pay Day focuses on gender, but there is plenty of workplace inequality based on color [Women’s eNews]

New York Times Editorial: Romney’s test on support for equal pay is coming [NY Times]

The equal pay issues, is it conditioning? A scientific point of view [NY Times]

Why powerful women are quiet and powerful men are not [Type Pad]

Secret Service needs more women in its ranks [Washington Post]

Equal pay also means equal severance according to judge [HR Morning]

Empowered Workforce

Building business relationships: women, power and golf [The Glass Hammer]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Of course it is a woman who is setting the Secret Service straight [Washington Post]

When most people think about veterans, they don’t picture women. A WWII female veteran tells her story [Sun Times]

Interview with WWII woman pilot who gained veteran’s status for WASPs [JSOnLine]


Women’s gains in life expectancy slow, men’s life expectancy gain [USA Today]

Caffeine alters estrogen levels in younger women [NY Times]

Early menopause linked to bone fracture [NY Times]

Small Business

Women take a different path to building their high revenue companies [Forbes]


Society of Women Engineers offers inspiration and mentoring to young women students [NIUToday]

Violence Against Women

Washington Post editorialized in favor of reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.  [Washington Post] It passed yesterday 68 to 31.  On to the House

Senate reauthorizes VAWA 68 to 31.  Only men voted against it. [NY Times]

Disturbing numbers about rape in the military [North Jersey]

Victims of sexual attacks in the military fight back [NY Daily News]

DOD releases annual report on rape in the military [Defense]

FL Governor vetoes funds for rape crisis centers [National Partnership]


Women are fit to play larger role in military [TheDaOnline]

More Black female soldiers suffer in silence with PTSD [BET]

Military spouses who are lawyers have a hard time practicing law [Lawyerist]

May is National Military Appreciation Month, meant to promote awareness and support for our troops and veterans [CW]

Two new studies look at women’s military experiences by the numbers   [Pew Research]

American disgrace: Homeless women veterans and assaulted enlistees [Salon]

Female troops find ways to relate to Afghan women [Stripes]


Report says women need to give more money to political campaigns to get the respect [SheShouldRun]

Other Important News

5 myths about title IX [Elect Women]

Between 1997-2007, fewer mothers wanted to work full time [Pew Social Trends]

Social media and the generational sift in the war on women [Forbes]

Valuing family work: should low income mothers be forced to work outside the home? [NY Times]

Saturday, April 28th , Americans will gather at their State Capitols  to rally for women’s rights [Madison County Democrat]

And For Fun

More women are making and enjoying beer [CNBC]

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