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Women of the U.S. Senate Honored During National Business Women’s Week

Posted by sherrysaunders on October 22, 2013

BPW Foundation Salutes Senate Women’s Leadership in Reopening the Government

BPWFoundationlogocolorDuring National Business Women’s Week 2013, Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation honors and salutes the Women of the United States Senate for their leadership and for displaying the fortitude to pave the way to a sensible compromise that reopened the government and allowed it to pay its bills. Having female leadership in Congress has proven, once again, to be a critical asset in shaping and negotiating key legislation.

October 21-25, 2013 marks the 85th anniversary of National Business Women’s Week (NBWW), a national BPW Foundation signature event that recognizes the achievements of working women throughout history. Traditionally during NBWW, BPW Foundation singles out extraordinary women who epitomize what it means to be a woman leader in the workplace. This year all of the U.S. Women Senators have earned this honor by demonstrating the importance of working together and being willing to reach across the aisle and do the hard work necessary to craft a compromise.

In a letter sent to each woman U.S. Senator, Roslyn Ridgeway, BPW Foundation Chair thanked them for their “stalwart leadership in working toward the deal that ended the government shutdown and avoided a possible default. You and your fellow female Senators played an instrumental role in coming up with a bipartisan framework that broke through the political gridlock of the last few weeks.”

Ridgeway said, “It is particularly fitting that our Women in the Senate led the way during the month BPW Foundation celebrates National Business Women’s Week. Their leadership both demonstrates and validates NBWW, which calls attention to local women entrepreneurs, facilitates discussions on the needs of working women and their families, shares information about successful workplace policies, and raises awareness of resources available for women in their communities.”

NBWW is celebrated by BPW organizations and their local communities across the country and this year they will be highlighting the work of the Women of the U.S. Senate as they hold their various town halls, lunches, briefings and conferences.


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  1. business said

    I had to check out the article two times to ensure I understood everything you were stating. I understand … ridiculous me. I totally concur though. Many people won’t even pay this much attention due to the fact that they have their own plans.

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