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Starting the Year Off With a KISS

Posted by Joan Grey on January 2, 2014

It happens at the beginning of each New Year. We create lists of Resolutions with firm intentions to change something about ourselves during the next 12 months. But as most of us learn within the next few weeks, keeping to those goals is a lot harder than writing them down on a sheet of paper.

To read more go to http://www.dcmilitaryfamlife.com/profiles/blogs/starting-the-year-off-with-a-kiss

Happy New Year and good luck with your Resolutions! Remember, Keeping It Simple = Success!

Alice Swan is a guest blogger for BPW Foundation and journalist for dcmilitaryfamlife.com, writing stories that touch all aspects of Military Family life. She is the spouse of BG(Ret) Robin P. Swan, with whom she shared 31 years of exciting Soldiering adventures and their now-retired Army life. A graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she has worked in corporate marketing, for Army Public Affairs, and like Milspouses everywhere has tackled a variety of volunteer positions and temporary jobs. She is also a proud Senior Olympian. Alice and her husband are the parents of three children: 1LT Robin, USMA Cadet Mary and Hannah.
BPW Alice Swan

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