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Thinking about Transitions

Posted by Joan Grey on July 9, 2012

Read the latest article in BPW Foundation’s Joining Forces feature that brings us the voices of women veterans and military spouses telling their stories.

Guest blogger, Vera Steiner Blore, has transitioned her career throughout numerous military moves across the United States as the spouse of a retired Coast Guard officer. Vera holds a masters degree in public administration from Columbia University in New York and has worked as a consultant, nonprofit executive director, lobbyist and Flag spouse. Her hope is to use blogging to begin and sustain a dialogue between senior active and retired military leaders and their spouses, the Armed Services and the agencies, companies and communities that seek to support smooth military to civilian transitions.

Separating from military life can be a challenge whether you are a military spouse, a female veteran or fit into both categories. There are personal and professional hurdles you can expect to face as you step out of the familiar cocoon of the military family. The structure changes as do the support networks and it takes some time and effort to rebuild and establish new personal and professional relationships that will propel you forward in civilian life.

Finding out what will work best for you in civilian life is going to be different for everyone. There are many valuable transition resources at your fingertips if you just seek them out. One of the most helpful can be connecting with a mentor who can serve as a sounding board and share practical and personal experience with you. The mentor’s role is to help you identify your personal and professional goals and the keys to achieving them.

As the spouse of a 36-year military veteran, I was very grateful to have found some amazing mentors who supported both my professional and personal achievements and aspirations. Being able to learn from them as I ventured out to try new careers and experiences helped further strengthen my confidence in my own abilities to succeed at whatever I set out to do. Their encouragement helped me to find fulfilling professional positions as a lobbyist, nonprofit executive director, adjunct professor and board consultant, even as we moved from location to location around the United States.

BPW’s JoiningForcesMentoringPlus™ http://www.joiningforcesmentoringplus.org/ program provides a great opportunity for YOU to connect with a mentor who can make a real difference in where you head next. Connecting with someone who can point you in the right direction or steer you away from unproductive paths can be a real time-saver!

In addition, take advantage of networking groups through LinkedIn through which you can connect with other women in professional fields of interest to you or with others going through similar transitions out of military life.

After my husband’s retirement from military service, and after watching many colleagues wonder how best to move forward in civilian life, I decided to launch a blog called Military Leaders in Transition. I invite you to visit the site, whether you are a female veteran and/or a military spouse, to pick up some tips to support your own successful transition. www.seniormilitaryintransition.com

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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on October 29, 2010

S&P 100: Top jobs still go to white men [Forbes]

 The complicated women, math and science formula: a perspective [Time]

 Gender pay gap takes on added significance in recession [The Hill]

 When stay at home dads return to work [ABC News]

Green garage is female owned and operated [Technorati.com]

Mental health issues different for male and female vets [US News]

Financial dangers women face [MoneyWatch]

Secretary Gates predicts women will serve in Special Forces [Google]

First Lady says military spouses are heroes [AF Military]

NY nannies prepare for historic job protections [WomensENews]

Fewer employees covered by retirement plans [FA-Mag]

Rich mom, poor mom [NYTimes Blog]

Service with a sniffle [HR Online]

Are men facing gender stress also?  Calling Mr. Mom [New York Times]

Breast pumps will not get health care tax break [New York Times]

Huffington Post articles for Work Family Month [Huffington Post]

New law authorizes programs for homeless women vets and children [NCHV]

New SBA rule aims to boost opportunities for women owned businesses [Washington Post]

Navy names first sub assignments for women [American Women Veterans]

Career vs. paycheck: Working mother report [Yahoo]

Valerie Jarrett’s remarks at BPWF Joining Forces for Women Veteran Summit  [White House.gov]  

For military moms there’s extra duty: breast feeding [DailyMe]

US lags behind in maternity leave [NWITimes]

The webcast of the Joining Forces for Women Veterans Inaugural Summit can be viewed online at your convenience.

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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on September 10, 2010

Why women are fleeing Wall Street [Bnet.com]

SBA says set aside program for women on the way [BisNow]

Small business woman struggles to get credit [Blogs NYTimes]

Attack helicopter woman pilot reflects on role of women in the military [NPR]

Social Security: The firewall between aging with dignity and aging in financial desperation [Kansas City Star]

Historic victory for NY’s domestic workers [Workers]

Making Social Security less generous is not the answer [Slate]

Top 10 characteristics of successful women business owners [Womens’ Leadership Exchange}

The United States of inequality [Slate]

Women navigate motherhood differently than in the past [freep.com]

Minority and women small businesses struggle to get NY City contracts [Blogs NY Times]

Women supporting philanthropy [Post Gazette]

Two reports: health care reform helps small businesses [OCRegister]

One of only four Black women to hold rank of Col. in Marines retires [Dayton Daily News]

Jobs are stealing family time [Washington Post]

Why so few women start tech companies [Colorado Bizmag]

Women have reason to cheer Labor Day. [Concord Monitor]

Women finding support in non trad jobs [Fort Wayne.com]

Boy girl differences call for more brain studies [Womens E-news]

Reflections on jobs, job safety and pay equity [SWTimes]

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To Retire or Not to Retire — Money Is The Question

Posted by sherrysaunders on August 23, 2010

We read daily about people delaying retirement and working longer not because they want to remain engaged in meaningful activities but because they financially must.  The recession has hit retirement funds hard and fewer and fewer Americans have defined retirement accounts.  I have several friends who are working longer not by choice but because they need too.  I also have friends who are at the older end of the boomer generation who are looking for work again because they need the money. And this is not a good time to be looking for work for anyone especially an older worker.    

Even if we had not faced the current recession, people are working longer because we are living longer and so we all need the extra income for those extra years we anticipate living.  According to the EBRI Retirement Readiness Rating many older Baby Boomers will run out of money in retirement, so working is truly a necessity. 

Among working adults ages 50-61, 60 percent say they might have to postpone retirement because of the recession, according to a recent poll by the Pew Research Center.  And 35 percent of those 62 and older say they have already delayed their retirement.  If possible staying in the job you have is a much better option than trying to find new work in a job market with few new jobs being created. 

For those seniors who have lost their job, finding a new one can be a daunting process. My friends have heard it all: they are too qualified, they don’t have the new needed skills, someone will work for less, or just not hiring now. 

While many employers value the knowledge and expertise of older workers, they often don’t want to pay for that value or because of the uncertainty of the current economic situation companies are delaying hiring at all.  The unemployment rate for workers 55 and older has jumped from 3% in the second quarter of 2008 to 7% in the second quarter this year. That adds up to about 2.1 million unemployed older Americans.

On the other hand according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008, 3.4 million men and 2.8 million women age 65 and over — 16.8 percent of them — were still in the U.S. labor force.  This year, the estimated number has risen to 20 percent. That’s up from 15.8 percent in 1985.

With Boomers and older needing to stay in the job force for the foreseeable future, competition for jobs and the long searches necessary for older workers to land a job will remain a reality for sometime to come.

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