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Huffington Post: Ten Tips to Create a Flexible, Virtual Work Environment

Posted by gansie on October 4, 2010

The workplace flexibility movement has two things going for it: one, it’s not going away, and two, just like the word itself, it can adapt and change to fit any organizational culture.

Business and Professional Women’s Foundation is a non-profit research and education organization that supports workforce development programs and workplace policies that recognize the diverse needs of working women, communities and businesses. That is not only how we fulfill our mission, but also how we conduct our operations internally. Through our own research, BPW Foundation recognized the empowering, productive and profitable qualities residing in a flexible, virtual office environment.

In May 2010, BPW Foundation went virtual. But not only did we leave our brick and mortar office behind, we also started operating under ROWE–Results Only Work Environment–originally created by Best Buy. This approach rebuffs rewarding presence over performance. Under ROWE, productivity is no longer measured by hours worked, but by deliverables and outputs. National Work & Family Month is a perfect time to reevaluate what business operations can be modified so employers can profit and employees can thrive.

If an employee can get her work done from 9am-1pm, why should she sit at her desk for the rest of the day? And in fact, why should she even have to be at her desk? If the focus is on results, then why can’t she work when, where and how she works best? Can’t she check her iPhone from a football game, the Jersey Shore or a coffee shop?

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Redefining Work Clothes

Posted by gansie on August 6, 2010

I went to Old Navy looking for bathing suits. “Just bathing suits”, I told myself, “this is not a shopping spree.” Of course an adorable romper, a flouncy skirt and a top also found its way into the fitting room.

I tried the romper on. It was extremely comfortable, but not suitable for public consumption. It was for around the house. “You have a million t-shirts and boxers and pajama pants”, I told myself, “this is not a shopping spree.”

I simply did not need another outfit to lay around in while in my apartment.

Or wait.

My apartment is now not only a place of leisure and sleep, it is my office. And I always need more “work clothes.”

Being a virtual worker now means I get to shop for cozy sweat pants and breathable t-shirts and it is my new work gear. Much cheaper, much more comfortable, work gear.

Oh the life of a virtual worker!

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Eating Virtually

Posted by gansie on July 16, 2010

You probably know this already but I also keep a food blog. I haven’t just been exploring my new virtual life on YWM, but also on Endless Simmer.

When I first started working from home—SO CLOSE TO MY FULLY STOCKED FRIDGE—I was afraid I’d be dangerously snacking all day. But as I’ve gotten used to my home office, I’ve also gotten used to a normal work-from-home eating routine. I might snack a bit more, but it’s usually fresh fruit from the Mt. Pleasant Farmers’ Market, and not the chocolate I’ve stashed away in my desk drawer.

Here’s more of my virtual eating revelations.

Continued: I’m Not Eating Ice Cream Every 15 Minutes [Endless Simmer]

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Virtual Worker In Need of Place to Work

Posted by gansie on July 8, 2010

Posted in between the two elevators in my apartment building lobby was a note. A note I have been dreading ever since we’ve moved into a virtual, flexible business model.

The memo informed building tenants that on Friday the water will be turned off starting at 9am and lasting for the next 5 hours. AWESOME.

I mostly work at home, in a make-shift desk area about 3 feet from my bed. I have, once so far this summer, worked from the beach. But I have not gone the coffee shop route. I might feel awkward sitting somewhere for so long. Sipping, sipping, sipping on coffee.

So what to do tomorrow? Work from home sans water? Go to the organization’s one free office that we’ve secured for instances like this? Hit up someone else’s wifi?

Any other ideas? Help!

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This is What a Virtual Worker Looks Like

Posted by gansie on July 2, 2010

When BPW Foundation decided to move to a virtual office environment I was at first nervous. I live in a one bedroom with my boyfriend. There’s no spare space for a proper office. But as I thought more about what “virtual” meant, as in I could work anywhere–not just the tiny desk that sits 2 feet away from my bed–I started to cling to the idea.

I’m down the Jersey Shore this weekend for the 4th. Because of our flexible, virtual policies I left Thursday night to come here. Today I’ll be on and off line, as I’ve finished most of my week’s work before the drive. I imagine today as checking emails, laying on the sand, sending my year end budget predictions, jumping in the ocean and sending out a thank you letter.

This is what a virtual worker looks like.

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