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Well behaved women never make history

Do You Misbehave?

While there’s a bunch of us in charge of misbehavin’ on a daily basis, we could always use your help.

If you want to rant about your lack of flexible work options, if you’re an employer that offers awesome wellness benefits or if you found a cool (or infuriating) news story about pay equity – let us know!


16 Responses to “Do You Misbehave?”

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  5. Kimberly Bush said

    Recently relocated. Went to subscribe to local newspaper. Love their reporting of both local and national/world events.
    Asked the circulation desk what the newspaper’s efforts were toward recycling newspapers.
    “Yes, we SHOULD consider belonging to a program like that, shouldn’t we?”

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  13. Nina said

    I am very interested in this as I am a young woman in the work force 🙂 I have a husband (who is a stay-at-home dad), two boys, I work full-time in Administration (though I am looking to advance my career into my chosen field of finance), and am attending online college working towards my Bachelor in Accounting 🙂 I could use a lil Sass in my day! ♥

  14. Hope you signed up to get the Misbehavin blog and have been enjoying. If you have an idea for a guest column let us know.

  15. I consider myself a young-hearted woman of soon to be 45. And yes, I misbehave because as quoted, well-behaved women seldom change history. I know I was put on this earth to stir things up in a good way!

  16. Love the site btw. Thanks Danielle!

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