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Well behaved women never make history

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A research project of BPW Foundation, Young Women Misbehavin’ is our approach of supplying a daily stream of working women and family issues.

Generations X and Y are a group of young, working women who are important to our cause. This project is part of a larger commitment to understand the challenges, motivations and needs of these up-and-coming leaders (ourselves included).

While we find the issues of equity, work-life balance and diversity to be seriously important ways of improving the 9-to-5, we don’t find it necessary to be boring. We make it look easy… but turning these critical matters into something fun to read is hard work! 

We have been known to “misbehave” in our quest to achieve equity for all working women, and therefore families. And this original content (and sass!) take a lot of resources.  So…

If you find our blog entertaining…
If you want to see more Gen X and Y projects…
If you find our blog informative…
If you want to understand the multi-generational workplace…
If you’d be sad if you couldn’t find our blog…

Consider making a donation to BPW Foundation.

2 Responses to “Support Misbehavin’”

  1. I’m not sure where you are located, but our winery produces a wine you may be interested in – “Misbehavin'”

  2. Our Home Transitional’s website has gone live! http://www.ourhometransitional.org/ if anyone is interested in being listed as a supporter or resource (see respective tabs) please contact me and we’ll get you up! For those of you who arent familiar with OHT we provide transitional housing for female vets and their children. We are located in MI but the women heroes who may need our services can be located anywhere. We will do what we can to get you here. Are plan has been on course since its beginnings in Feb 2012, and we anticipate home #1 to be up and running by Jan 2013. This is a community wide effort and we have a lot of support! We will let you know when we are having our ribbon cutting!

    Carrie Miller
    810 309 9822

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