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Top 10 Reasons Why Veterans and Military Family Members Make Good Employees

Posted by YWM on December 22, 2011

By guest blogger Kimberly Martin

There are nearly 900,000 unemployed veterans in the United States–a staggering figure. The latest Department of Labor unemployment report shows that in October 2011, the average unemployment rate among all veterans was 7.7% and 12.1% for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Overall, nearly one in twelve of our nation’s heroes can’t find a job to support their family, don’t have an income that provides stability, and don’t have work that provides them with the confidence and pride that is so critical to their transition home.

On November 21, 2011, President Obama signed the “VOW to Hire Heroes Act” into law.  The legislation will lower the rate of unemployment among our nation’s veterans with much needed assistance and attention for unemployed veterans who are struggling to find work.  The bill includes tax credits for employers who hire unemployed veterans and veterans with service-connected disabilities.  More information about the bill can be found here:  http://veterans.house.gov/vow

Habitat for Humanity International is committed to doing our part to help veterans, guardsmen/reservists and their spouses find meaningful employment.  We encourage you to support the effort.

Top 10 Reasons Why Veterans and Military Family Members Make Good Employees

10. Global Perspective – military and veteran employees have experiences that directly relate to current world events.

9.   On-time, All the Time – military and veteran employees know that every second counts.

8.   First Class Image – military and veteran employees understand a professional appearance is a must.

7.   Calm Under Pressure – military and veteran employees are resilient and know how to handle stress, both on and off the job.

6.   “Can Do” Attitude – military and veteran employees possess critical skills and understand that nothing is impossible.

5.   Physical Conditioning – military and veteran employees are in good physical condition and resilient.

4.   Understand Diversity – military and veteran employees have succeeded in a very diverse workplace.

3.   Responsibility – military and veteran employees know how to make decisions and take responsibility for meeting deadlines.

2.   Professionalism – military and veteran employees have a high degree of integrity, an air of self-respect and a sense of honor.

1.   Leadership – military and veteran employees are excellent leaders and outstanding followers – loyal, dedicated and highly motivated.

Kimberly Martin, Veterans Initiative – AmeriCorps VISTA
Habitat for Humanity International


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