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New Poll Shows Bipartisan Voter Mandate for Family Friendly Workplace Policies

Posted by sherrysaunders on December 5, 2012

national partnership

By the National Partnership for Women & Families

Following a divisive election, new poll results released by the National Partnership for Women & Families reveal that the nation’s voters are united in their support for making the nation’s workplaces more family friendly. Across party and demographic lines, an overwhelming majority of those surveyed said they struggle to manage their work and family responsibilities — and that they think it is important for Congress and the president to consider policies that would help, such as paid sick days and paid family and medical leave insurance.

“America’s working families are being forced to make impossible choices between the well-being of their families and their financial security every day because our nation’s workplace policies are badly out of sync with the needs of today’s workers and families,” said National Partnership President Debra L. Ness. “These new survey data clearly show that no matter which candidate voters supported for president this election, they are feeling the pressure of out-of-date workplace policies, and they want action to fix them.”

The bipartisan poll, conducted by Lake Research Partners and The Tarrance Group, found that 86 percent of voters nationwide said it is important for Congress and the president to consider new laws like paid sick days and paid family and medical leave insurance to help keep families financially secure. Nearly two-thirds said it is “very important.” Other key findings include:

  • Strong support across party lines: 73 percent of Republicans, 87 percent of independents and 96 percent of Democrats said congressional and presidential attention to family friendly policies is important.
  • Latinos, African Americans, women and young people — the very voter groups much talked about for their impact this election — felt strongest about the importance of congressional and presidential action: 79 percent of Latinos, 77 percent of African Americans, 69 percent of women and 68 percent of people under 30 considered it “very important.”
  • There is a near universal experience of struggle and hardship in trying to meet work, family and personal responsibilities: Nearly three-quarters of voters (74 percent) said they experience these challenges at least somewhat often, and nearly four in 10 said they experience conflict “all the time” or “very often.”
  • Similarly, nearly three-quarters of voters (72 percent) said they and their families would be likely to face significant financial hardships if they had a serious illness, had to care for a family member with a serious illness, or had a new child.

“There is near universal agreement among voters of all political parties that balancing work, family and personal responsibilities is a challenge,” said Brian Nienaber, vice president at The Tarrance Group. “Voters also strongly agree that a major life altering event like a new child or a seriously ill relative would cause them significant financial hardships.”

“This poll shows that voters want and need family friendly policies that help protect their economic security when illness strikes or babies are born,” said Celinda Lake, president of Lake Research Partners. “Across the board, voters are struggling to manage their responsibilities on the job and at home, they are worried about the financial impact of major health events, and they want lawmakers to adopt policies that will help. The support for paid sick days and paid family and medical leave insurance is strong and broad-based.”

The Healthy Families Act, which was introduced this Congress, would allow workers in businesses with 15 or more employees to earn up to seven job-protected paid sick days each year to be used to recover from their own illnesses, access preventive care or provide care for a sick family member. It currently has 118 cosponsors in the House of Representatives and 18 cosponsors in the Senate.

Members of Congress are also expected to work on a national family and medical leave insurance proposal that would create a federal insurance-based system to provide up to 60 days of partially-paid time off to workers to address their own serious health conditions, care for a family member with a serious health condition, or care for a newborn, newly adopted child or newly placed foster child.

“This new poll adds to an overwhelming body of evidence showing that the public strongly supports common sense, family friendly workplace policies,” said Vicki Shabo, director of work and family programs at the National Partnership. “It’s time for Congress to focus on the real challenges facing real people in this country and prioritize passage of modest, reasonable proposals like the Healthy Families Act and a national paid family and medical leave insurance program that would go a long way toward protecting the health and economic stability of our families while also strengthening our economy.”

The survey of 1,220 adults who indicated they had already voted or were likely to vote was conducted by telephone from November 4 to November 6, 2012. The sample included both landlines and mobile phones. It has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

The topline results of the poll can be found here: www.NationalPartnership.org/ElectionPoll

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From Gen Y Women to Employers: What You Need to Know about Work-Life Balance

Posted by knbarrett on November 30, 2011

Business and Professional Women’s Foundation recently released From Gen Y Women to Employers: What They Want in the Workplace and Why it Matters for Business, a report that explores Gen Y women’s career choices and the opportunities and challenges they face in the workplace. Results from our national survey of Gen Y (born 1978-1994) women challenged popular perceptions of Gen Y women in the workplace. Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore some of the key misconceptions across four thematic areas: work values, work-life balance, gender in the workplace and inter-generational workplace dynamics.

By Kara Nichols Barrett, lead project researcher

Today’s topic is work-life balance. Over 660 Gen Y told us about:

  • the relative importance of work-life balance;
  • their definition of work-life balance;
  • challenges to achieving work-life balance; and
  • individual and employer strategies for achieving work-life balance.

Here are the top “do’s” and “don’ts” from Gen Y women to employers on work-life balance.

Don’t underestimate its importance. We know it sounds like a broken record to state yet again that Gen Y women value work-life balance. But, work-life balance is REALLY important. Ninety-six percent of us ranked it as either very important or important. What’s more, the importance we place on work-life balance cuts across our key areas of difference: occupation, marital status, and whether or not we have children. Too often work-life balance is treated only as work-family conflict. This approach misses the mark in three important ways.

  1. It excludes Gen Y workers without children. Work-life balance is equally important to us whether or not we have children. When work-life balance programs and policies favor workers with children, formal and informal rules often preclude Gen Y workers from work-life programs.
  2. It narrowly defines “family.” Almost three-quarters of us reported that family is very important. We are granddaughters, daughters, sisters, aunts, spouses and partners. Our family responsibilities extend beyond the nuclear family.
  3. It disregards responsibilities and interests outside of work and home. There’s more to life than work and home. In addition to work and family, the following aspects of life are also important to us: hobbies (55%), friends (44%), exercise (43%), and volunteering (36%).

Do ask us what it means. Just because the majority of us believe work-life balance is important doesn’t mean that we all understand or define it the same way. Twenty-five percent of us want to maintain separate spheres, 50% want to integrate work and life and 18% believe that work-life balance is really about workplaces better reflecting the realities of the workforce.

Don’t expect us to live up to the 1960s “ideal worker.” We aren’t looking for a policy or programmatic fix; we want different workplace assumptions and rules. Too many of our workplaces are built off of the 1960s “ideal worker” – the worker who is available anytime, anywhere and for as long as you need. Most of us don’t want to be that worker. Most of us believe that work is important and can be meaningful and enjoyable, but we don’t want to mistake our jobs for our lives. If you are really serious about addressing our work-life challenges, you’ll have to explore assumptions about the “ideal worker” and the role of work in an employee’s life.

Do focus on work arrangements.  We know there’s a wide range of programmatic options for employers looking to boost work-life balance. No one is going to complain about onsite health services or a games room, but we suggest that you start with how work is structured. We want programs that address when, where and how work is done. Thirty-seven percent of us said that the most important program an employer could offer is flexible scheduling, 26% said results-based orientation and 15% said telecommuting.

Be sure to check out Chapter Two of the report for a complete overview of our work-life balance research findings and employer implications and applications.

This research, funded from the Virginia Allan Young Careerist Grant, is part of BPW Foundation’s ongoing “Young Careerist” research project that since 2005 has been exploring the career opportunities and challenges facing today’s young working women.  The research gives voice to a distinct group of working women who are vital to developing a diverse and skilled workforce.  Research has been conducted using social media, focus groups and this national survey. To find all of the research and this report, visit our Young Careerist website.

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Misbehavin’ Notification: Gen Y Women Still Facing Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

Posted by sherrysaunders on November 20, 2011

New Survey Results from Business and Professional Women’s Foundation

Washington, DCBusiness and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation today released Gen Y Women to Employers: What they Want in the Workplace and Why it Matters for Business, a report that explores Generation Y women’s career choices and the opportunities and challenges they face in the workplace.  This research, based on a national survey conducted in May 2011, disputes many reports in today’s popular literature that Gen Y women do not believe that gender is a problem in today’s workplace.  In fact, 77% of respondents said that gender is a moderate or severe problem in today’s workplace and almost 50% said that they had observed or experienced gender discrimination.

“Far too often Gen Y women are treated as a homogenous group with monolithic perspectives. BPW Foundation’s research questions such views, highlighting how Gen Y women’s workplace expectations and experiences differ by occupation, employer type, compensation type and presence of children,” said Dr. Sheila Barry-Oliver, Chair of the BPW Research and Education Committee that oversaw the research. “Exploring key areas of social difference is vital to understanding Gen Y women’s workplace challenges and opportunities.”

Key findings included concerns about gender and age discrimination, the desire for a holistic approach to work-life balance and the fact that Gen Y women do not hold a uniform set of work values.

  1.  Gen Y women believe Gender Discrimination is Still an Issue in Today’s Workplace. Over 75% of survey participants identified gender as a moderate or severe problem in today’s workplace. The most prevalent forms reported were: stereotyping (63%), unequal compensation (60%), not being treated as an equal (58%), inequality of opportunities (58%), being held to different standards (51%), sexist jokes (38%), and sexual harassment (31%).
  2. Gen Y Women Experience a Double Jeopardy -Gender and Age. Survey results indicate that gender and age may have a compounding effect. Gen Y women who had experienced gender discrimination were more likely to report generational conflict or discrimination than those who had not. Fifty-one percent of Gen Y women who observed or experienced gender discrimination also reported generational discrimination. The most common forms of age discrimination reported were: being perceived as incompetent or inexperienced because of age; name calling such as “kid” and girl”; being passed over for promotions because of age; and being held to different standards because of age.
  3. Gen Y Women Want a More Holistic Approach to Work-Life Balance. Work-life balance literature often focuses on how workers combine work and family responsibilities. Survey results highlight the need to broaden this focus because: 1) Work-life balance is equally important to Gen Y women regardless of whether or not they have children; 2) Family is important for Gen Y women without children; and 3) Gen Y women have responsibilities outside of work and home.
  4. Gen Y Women Hold Disparate Career Values. Gen Y women, as a cohort, did not uniformly report a set of work values. Responses were mediated by various dimensions of difference: occupation, employer type and presence of children. Gen Y women represent a heterogeneity of goals associated with their work life.

“Employers cannot afford to ignore the challenges that Gen Y women face in the workplace. Continuing challenges related to work-life balance and especially to gender and age discrimination have profound business implications. Promoting workplace cultures and practices that embrace equality, flexibility, and inclusivity are imperative for the success and sustainability of business,” explained BPW Foundation CEO Deborah L. Frett.

“For instance, to meet Gen Y women’s work-life balance demands, employers need to move beyond programmatic responses and critically examine their assumptions about the characteristics of the ‘ideal worker.’ Often the ‘ideal worker’ is a person who is available anytime, anywhere and for as long as the employer needs. Gen Y women are largely rejecting this notion.” Frett said. “They are refusing to mistake their job for their life.”

Key Employer Applications from the study include:

  1. Check  assumptions. Employers should examine assumptions about Gen Y women and assumptions underlying workplace policies and practices.
  2. Address the sources not just the symptoms. Designing actions to address work-life balance, gender discrimination and fostering cross-generational relations requires both identifying the condition of inequality and contributing factors to the inequality.
  3. Measure success. Employers should develop indicators to measure the success of actions taken to address challenges and promote opportunities—measures that avoid simply “counting” and that measure changes in levels of gender or age inequality.

This research, funded from the Virginia Allan Young Careerist Grant, is part of BPW Foundation’s ongoing “Young Careerist” research project that since 2005 has been exploring the career opportunities and challenges facing today’s young working women.  The research gives voice to a distinct group of working women who are vital to developing a diverse and skilled workforce.  Research has been conducted using social media, focus groups and this national survey. To find all of the research and this report, visit our Young Careerist website.

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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on November 18, 2011

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

In the workplace do single women have it worse? [Forbes]

Female comedians are breaking taste-taboo ceiling [New York Times]

Tough economy leading to more discrimination: EEOC seeing all-time high in complaints [Huffington Post]

Wording means everything: ask for a “salary adjustment” not a raise [EqualPayNegotiations]

Big changes afoot – women will rise to top based on pure numbers, what does that mean for work-life balance? [Huffington Post]

Sexual harassment still rampant, numbers haven’t decreased, women hurting women by shutting up and taking it? [Forbes]

Tap women for unfilled manufacturing jobs [Cleveland.com]

Empowered Workforces

20 great stats about women in business [Sparxoo]

More women creating jobs and businesses [Fox Houston]

Five things women need to know about business school [Forbes]

State universities partner with State Dept to mentor more women into public service/leadership [Columbia Spectator]

Study reveals need for more mentors for women in accounting and finance [MarketWatch]

5 essential leadership lessons for women [Wall Street Journal]

Women are worse than men at using their networks for their advantage [Economist]

If men have better business networks then women just aren’t trying – a discussion of the article above [Forbes]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Evelyn Lauder, founder of Pink Ribbon campaign dies [Daily Mail]

Retired Brigadier Gen Wilma Vaught tells stories of her days in the Air Force [VA YouTube]

Woman veteran, Cassaundra St. John, helping others move on [Huffington Post]

PGA HOPE and Renee Powell tailor program for women veterans [Waggleroom]

Martha Raddatz tells story of war though many voices [New York Times]

Gen Y

How to get a job if you are a twenty something woman [Forbes]

Why Millennial women are burning out at work by age 30 [Forbes]


Medical nuances beyond abortion drove vote against Mississippi personhood initiative [New York Times]

About half of moms get paid leave [Wall Street Journal]


Women becoming bigger asset when fighting in war [WHSV]

Women’s Resource Center hosted panel on sexism in the military [DailyIllini]

FLOTUS reaches out to military women in Hawaii.  [New York Times]

Military spouses share the pain [ABC]

What you can do to honor women veterans [Huffington Post]

Women’s military roles change and front line blurs [Newsok]

As American honors its veterans, we can do more for women homeless veterans [Huffington Post]

Other Important News to Know

Valerie Jarrett on Women’s Issues are America’s Issues [WhiteHouse Blog]

US births are down for third consecutive year [New York Times]

Men’s sports work worth more than women’s sports work? Univ of TN says no pay discrimination [Washington Post]

Would there have been a different out come at Penn State if the victims had been girls or the leadership women? [Washington Post]

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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on November 11, 2011

Successful, Equitable Workplaces

Opportunities for women diminishing at large law firms [Law]

Gloria Steinem: we are about 40 years into a 100 year fight, in 40 yrs, only a 17 cent pay gain [Popsugar]

Who is backing up Cain’s accusers? [CNN]

Looking at the issue of women on boards [GMAC]

Sexual harassment in 7th-12th grader: 56% of girls say they have been harassed [New York Times]

Empowered Workforces

Women 35-60 have less ambition, due to recession, technology demand? 73% wouldn’t take their boss’ job [CBS News]

Women who make it to the top need a supportive partner/husband and rarely get divorced at that level [NY Times]

5 reasons why young women need mentors[NetworkedBlogs]

Here is the GAO report on Gender Differences that has been covered in the media the last week or so [GAO]

Where are all of the female mentoring characters? [Jezebel]

Can women have it all? Define all [Huffington Post]

5 myths about working women [Forbes]

A step beyond mentoring women – sponsorship [The Globe and Mail]

International Women’s Forum calls for new type of leadership [Forbes]

Think like a woman and make more money [Forbes]

Workplace mentoring [Salon Today]


Addressing the shortage of women in the Silicon Valley [NPR]

Science leadership program wins grant to support women and minorities [The College Voice]

MentorNet matches mentors to protégés seeking STEM careers [MarketWatch]

The man who loves science also loves women [Huffington Post]

Where STEM women are: biology [New York Times]

Closing the girl gap in science [New York Times]

Saluting Misbehavin Women
Remember all of our women veterans today!

A look at the prominent women in the early days of aviation [NY Times]

Sandra Day O’Connor charted new course on the Court now does the same in retirement [Washington Post]

Michele Flournoy, highest ranking female civilian at DOD, is making her mark on foreign policy [Washington Post]

Play tells untold stories of Viet Nam women veterans [Joplin Globe]

Pioneering woman crunched numbers for IBM now has new book on women in technology [STLToday]


Women vital to the war effort [Reporter Herald]

Military needs emotionally intelligent leaders, women may be it [Washington Post]

VA adds staff to help women veterans [Navy Times]

Honor veterans including women [Picayune Times]

Women change the face of combat and VA care [San Diego.com]


Parenthood, Personhood and Consequences.  The initiative in MS was defeated on Tuesday. [ThinkProgress]

Look What Else Is In the News

The great pantyhose debate of 2012 [Forbes]

The price of a mom?  $138,095 [MSN]

Why do women own so little of the world’s property? [Huffington Post]

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Joining Forces: Women Veterans Speak Out – The Quarter-Life Crisis

Posted by danielleac on October 24, 2011

Read the latest article of BPW Foundation’s every-other-week Joining Forces feature that brings us the voices of women veterans telling their stories.  If you are a women veteran who would like to share your story, please contact us through our Joining Forces for Women Veterans Facebook page, or email dcorazza@bpwfoundation.org.

The Quarter-Life Crisis

(This week’s blog brought to us by Liz Mclean, an Air Force Academy graduate from a small town who has transitioned into the civilian world in search of fulfillment after serving on active duty for four and a half years, both stateside and abroad. She left the service as an O-3.)


The concept of the “mid-life” crisis should hit around actual middle age; this dramatic era of self-doubt where people start agonizing over the imminent passing of their youth.

Stereotyping of course, it is what I like to call the Peg Bundy syndrome:  age 55, suddenly transitioning to leopard print leggings, spiked high heels, big hair and ruby red lipstick in search of an undefined dream or goal.  The result of the crisis may end up as this burning desire to make significant changes in essential aspects of day-to-day life; specifically in career and work-life balance. It becomes this constant yearning to find the next challenge.

But for a military woman, what happens when that mid-life crisis occurs at the younger age of 25? The world had best be ready for the women veterans who are going to be taking the world by storm with their eternal ambition.

Liz on Duty

Picture a disciplined military academy college alumnus with an additional graduate degree, who has served stateside and/or overseas in a leadership role in a time of a war. Picture a woman who has tackled any logistical nightmare placed in front of her, impacted lives across varying spectrums, traveled the world for business or pleasure, exhausted her own humanitarian efforts, is financially secure, wears camouflage with her hair neatly in a bun and a tube of lipstick in her back pocket, likely found a significant other (who depending on the female, may or may not have been able to keep up with her), pushed the limits of nearly every physically demanding event… and still has this burning void in life with this undefined definition to “succeed.”

The question starts becoming, what’s next? What do you do when you still have self-doubt because you don’t want to sit back and just relax…but want to continually make a difference on the quest to break away from mediocrity? For me, I am hoping the answer ends up as I join the civilian world where I have to continually prove myself with intellect….while signing up for an Ironman in Texas to prove myself physically. For some of my closest military friends, the answer has been to venture towards medical school as a second career, go back to become a pilot after already serving 5 years as a Maintenance Officer leading hundreds, teach English to Japanese forces, or start her own non-profit organization.

People may squabble over the concept of twenty-something year olds feeling like they have a lack of meaningful goals in their lives: we know we are still considered ‘young’ and have our whole lives ahead of us. The fact of the matter is, when you have accomplished as much as these women in the military have in such a short period of time, there is a feeling of not knowing where to find that next challenge so we don’t look back at age 55 and say “I wish I had accomplished what I wanted when I was younger. “

At the end of the day, these ladies simply wonder, “What’s my next challenge or goal to achieve? Am I doing well enough? I need more.”  

                     Stay tuned for more from the life of Liz McLean….

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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on September 23, 2011

Successful Workplaces

Gender inequality holds back business growth [Bloomberg]

Non traditional family roles promote gender equality [NewsWise]

Paid sick days laws gather momentum [Forbes]

The real impact of babies on career success [Business Insider]

Penalized for balancing work and family? [Wall Street Journal]

The business case for gender equality in the workplace [Computer Weekly]

Working Mom announces best companies for 2011 [Working Moms]

Empowered Workforces

5 ways working moms can own the “juggle”[The Glass Hammer]

Tyson’s pays 2.25 million in back pay to almost 1700 qualified female applicants [NJ.com]

Women earned more doctoral degrees than women for second year in a row [MJPerry.Blogsot]

Women still not landing top jobs in corporate America [Fox Business]

Women strategize to find right work-life balance [Detroit Free Press]


Hard work was supposed to lead to equality.  It hasn’t [Forbes]

Facts on the gender gap from the World Bank [Wall Street Journal]

Secretary Clinton says women key to future economic growth and security. [Forbes]

Women worry about having little gold in their golden years [Senior Journal]

Military and Veterans

Women are the fastest growing group of homeless veterans [News5]

Slow road, 30 yrs long, but VA is building up women’s health services [DC Courier]

Small Business

Women entrepreneurs help ignite the economy [NJ.com]

Women business owners need retirement plans [MySanAntnio]

SBA adds vets, women to mentor/protégée program [Washington Technology]

Important Odds and Ends

America’s richest women – only 42 in 400 richest list [Forbes]

OK Governor Mary Fallin on governing, business and why women should run for office [Forbes]

Confusion among the world of women racers: women records only set when they run against each other? [New York Times]

Women quoted in new book about Obama say White House was not hostile [Washington Post]

Pre election polls underestimate the success of women candidates [NY Times]

British study says skirts over pants for success [Daily Mail]

Non-Traditional Careers

Catalyst publication: Checking the pulse of women in biosciences: what organizations need to know [Catalyst]

NSF grant to aid women faculty in STEM fields [NewsRoom]

Women still resist STEM careers [Guelph Mercury]

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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on August 26, 2011

Today is Women’s Equality Day: Are we there yet?

Beyond suffrage: how far have women come? [Los Angeles Times]

1915 anti woman’s suffrage ad [DisInfo]

Equality in the workplace remains a goal[Taunton Gazette]

The Topsy Turvy Path to Equality [WomenMisbehavin‘]

USA could be just 3 states way from ERA [Women’s e-News]

Women’s groups launch HER VOTES to mobilize women voters in 2012 [Sacramento Bee]

Successful Workplaces/Empowered workforces

Women make better leaders than men if you give them the chance [AOL.com]

Two former female partners file suit against Booz Allen [Washington Post]

US lags way behind other industrialized counties in maternity leave [Washington Times]

Judge rules that women who were part or Wal-Mart suit have until end of October to file individually [Reuters]

Discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers is not work-life balance issue [ABetterBalance]

Should pumping at work get you fired? ACLU says no [Time]

Stay at home Mom’s have hardest job [Los Angeles Times]

Women’s negotiations, problem may be power not gender [Yahoo.com]

Less depression for working moms who don’t expect to “do it all” [MedCompare]

Overworking trend favors men over women [PsychCentral]

Paying to get chores done for more family time [Atlanta Journal Constitution.com]

Mommy Track: mothers winning flex time at work and husbands help at home [US News]

When women meet with women are they missing real networking opportunities? [Reclaiming Leadership]

Black women lost more jobs during recovery [Workforce]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

First woman to head chapter of Disabled American Veterans [Billings Gazette]

Military women are heroes too [Time Blog]

Forbes’ 100 most powerful women in the world list [Forbes]

The 20 youngest powerful women [Forbes]

Pat Summit who has the most wins of any basketball coach facing down Alzheimer’s challenge with courage [USA Today]

Marine Brig. Gen. Loretta Reynolds first female commander at Parris Island [Washington Post]

Rear Admiral Eleanor V. Valentin, First female and first Asian Director of the US Navy Medical Service Corps [Asian Journal]


TX women’s health program that saved the state $20 million is endangered [Austin Chronicle]

Smoking implicated in half of women’s bladder cancers [NIH]

Small Business/Entrepreneurship

Financing female entrepreneurship [Forbes]

SBA may develop new system to simplify participation in contacting process [Biz Journals]

Women business owners need retirement plans also [PaysonRoundup]


All female crew takes “unmanned” flight to new level of meaning [Daily Democrat]

Marines in Afghanistan run in honor of fallen “sister” [dividshub.net]

Non Traditional Jobs

STEM faculty parity at community colleges [Inside Higher Ed]

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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on August 19, 2011

Successful Workplaces

President issues order to increase federal government hiring of women and minorities [Washington Post]

OPM issues memo on dealing with federal government pay gap [Washington Post]

For working mothers, big law remains a tough nut to crack [Wall Street Journal]

Being a nice guy or gal doesn’t pay [Wall Street Journal]

Empowered Workers

PEW study: women see more value and benefits in college education than men [PEW Social Trends]

Does our culture of individualism hurt working mothers and their careers? [The Glass Hammer]

Bloomberg pregnancy discrimination suit renews work-life debate [New York Times]

Career Networking benefits men not women [Business News Daily]

What working moms want [The Glass Hammer]

Globally women say they are very ambitious, most more than double US’s stat of 36% [HBR]

Women have come a long way but not far enough [Fresno Bee]

The Challenges of child care and impact on families [NPR]

Saluting Misbehavin’ Women

Top 25 female athletes [Fem 2.0]

African American veteran combat pilot inspiring others [ABC Local]

Army’s single mom drill sergeants face challenges [Google News]

Adventure, equality draw women to Coast Guard [NPR]

Small Business

Why are women business owners hesitant to raise their debt ceiling? [Business Insider]


Boomer women get the retirement shaft [OC Register]]

Not all Social Security checks are created equal.  Women, money and retirement [Forbes]

Women and Non Traditional Careers

Summer camp introduces girls to manufacturing [New York Times]

Cokie and Steve Roberts: Girls needed to solve US scientist shortage [Billings Gazette]

When romance is brewing, women lose interest in STEM studies?!  [Inside Higher Ed]

Women Veterans

Time Magazine’s cover this week celebrates the New Greatest Generation: How Young War Veterans Are Defining Leadership at Home [Time]

Rise in homelessness for women vets tied to sexual abuse [Huffington Post]

Editorial: female veterans hidden among the homeless [Fayetteville Observer]

Women Veteran’s health research; a new frontier [Veterans Today]

New challenges face health care system treating women vets [Patch]

Odds and Ends

The constitutionality of equality for women (not!) [Marquette]

Advancing the lives of young women through mentoring [White House Blog]

Man will continue crusade against “ladies” nights [Las Vegas Sun]

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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on August 12, 2011

Successful Workplaces

Why women need a seat at the table [Forbes]

The pay gap: Why are women paid less? [Huffington Post]

Women in STEM: an opportunity to improve America’s competitiveness [White House Blog]

DOL developing equal pay tool, accepting public comments on what/how they will measure thru 10/11 [PR News Wire]

More stats on the pay gap: newly graduated MBAs start at $4600 less than male counterparts, can lead to almost $500,000 wage gap over a career [Huffington Post]

An opposing viewpoint: women can be better negotiators, must overcome our cultural bias [Forbes]

In new era of leadership by collaboration vs by command and control, women have natural edge [Washington Post]

Harvard’s Kennedy School focusing on “nudges” to balance women in workforce, example: comparative evaluation vs separate evaluation during hiring process erases gender stereotypes  [Harvard.edu]

Equality not guaranteed for women in US constitution, but it is in Brazil’s [ms-jd]

WNBA earns all As on Diversity Scorecard, top score overall [Black Radio Network]

Small Business

Report finds female business owners want to avoid risk [Business Insider]

Senate Republicans tying to end small business support for women, veterans and minorities [Huffington Post]

Empowered Workers

Advice from moms to moms going back to work [The Glass Hammer]

Career over kids; are women doing it on purpose [Huffington Post]

Fox anchor defends her three month maternity leave [Babble.com]

Is science incompatible with family? [Wall Street Journal]

Chicago’s mayor shaking it up: offering 6 weeks paid maternity leave to female government employees [Harvard.edu]

The Swedes have most generous parental leave [NPR]

Seattle city council approves mandatory sick pay bill [Seattle PI]

Gen Y

Tips for Gen Y Women: Ask questions and find a mentor [3PluseInternational]

Women Veterans

VA doctors rusty on treating women, gather to study [Washington Post]

Women veterans breaking silence, beating trauma [KSUO]

VA’s massive out reach to women veterans [Forbes]

Studies of women Vets influence VA health care [Marine Corps Times]

Saluting Misbehaving Women

Dr. Bernadine Healy, first woman to head NIH, dies [NLM]

Thoughts on new documentary on Gloria Steinem [Huffington Post]

Keys to success from Andrea Jung, longest serving female CEO at Fortune 500 company [Fortune]

Woman rents plane and flies “you should be fired banner” over wall street.  Go Girl! [ABC News]

Women can be crude, lewd and rude as well- just go to the movies [Gulf News]

Of Interest

Congressional Super Budget Committee has only one woman at the table [Huffington Post]

Is rape really still the woman’s fault.  How can this be? [Yuba Net]

New book on smiling notes that women in business are judged harshly if they don’t and considered too feminine if they do [Wall Street Journal]

What girls need to know about Title IX [IHigh.com]

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